Inked for life

I'm Zero. I'm a girl. Not a girly girl. I'm more of a Tom boy. I work in a tatto shop and I'm the only employee/boss/manager. Will she meet the man of her dreams? Read 'inked for life' to find out!


4. chapter 3

Harrys pov

I was walking towards the tattoo shop that my mother suggested to get a tattoo there. As I was walking I saw a beautiful blonde girl at the entrance talking to a hot girl with black hair "IT DONT COME OFF DUMBASS!!!" the black haired girl says slamming the door in the blonde girls face. The blondey screams and walks in the opposite direction 'thank god!' I thought heading towards the door the blondey was at. I open the door and the same black haired girl I saw only minutes ago comes down the corridor. She looked beautiful, tattoos, black hair, piercings, EVERYTHING!! "Hi I'm Harry!" god I feel like an idiot "I came here to get 2 birds on my chest?" I ask "oh, right this way!" she says walking down the corridor she came from "sit" she says as I take my shirt off. I'm surprised she doesn't freak or stare, she doesn't even look at my torso until she's putting ink on my chest "how old are you?" I ask curious "is it any of your business?" She asks "sorta" I say. she sighs "I'm 18" she says "you?" she asks me "18" I say "whats your name?" I ask another question "Zero" Zero says casually as she moves to the other side of my chest giving me tingles "well Zero, would you like to maybe go out for dinner one time?" I ask shy "omg is Harry asking me out?" Zero says as she finishes the tattoo "you've heard of me?" I ask astoned she doesn't look like she listens or watches t.v "no" Zero laughs "oh, so will you?" I ask putting my shirt on "eh, okay" Zero says. I hear the door open, Zero looks at me sternly and goes to see who it is "why hello Zero!" a man with red firey hair says "ugh hello Tyler!" Zero growls? "I heard you found your mate" Tyler says looking at me.

Zeros POV

"I heard you found your mate" Tyler says looking at harry "who the fuck tod you that Tyler?" I say not looking at him "oh just a little bird, mothers tied up at the moment!" tyler says. I growl as does he "lets take this somewhere else huh? big bro" I growl walking towards the large painting in my room with Harry and Tyler following "sis it's just a-" I cut him off "a secret underground area for me know" I say realizing Harrys there "well since  see im going to be in your life now, better know every detail!" I say letting harry go first. He scrapes me and my wolf whimpers for him "aww he is your mate isn't he?" Tyler says going down. I finally go down after locking the door and putting the painting up "whres the light?" Tylers voice rings "up your ass" I say switching the lights on "wow" harry say looking around "as I was saying mums a little......tied up" Tyler smirks evilly "Harry sit down or stay away from me and Tyler" I say no taking my eyes off  of tyler as I strip and turn into a wolf and growl "Your Majesty" Tyler says as he has never seen me before in my wolf form. yes I am the Queen of the Wolf World.

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