Inked for life

I'm Zero. I'm a girl. Not a girly girl. I'm more of a Tom boy. I work in a tatto shop and I'm the only employee/boss/manager. Will she meet the man of her dreams? Read 'inked for life' to find out!


3. Chapter 2

I walk around London for what seems like forever, until an Idea creeps up. Ill stay in my tattoo shop. It has a bedroom and a fridge and a kitchen. All the necessity's I need. I started for the shop and 2 hours later I'm there. I unlock it and open the door and turn the alarm system off as does turning the lights on. I smell the smell of ink and furniture. I head towards the back of the shop where the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom is. I approach the comfortable looking bed and flop on it with aching feet and a grumbling stomach. I get up and head towards the fridge a and open it. Nothing. I dig through my bag for the 10000 pounds I have. I finally get it and go shopping for food. A few hours later I'm back at 'home' with the groceries I bought and stack them in the fridge and cupboard "what to do what to do?" I ask myself. I go into the tattoo studio and start up my gun. I pull my leg up and draw a star. After I finish. I cover it with plastic to stop the bleeding. I go to my bedroom and flop on the bed again. I un pack and put them in closets. When I'm done I get a snack and watch t.v. *knock knock* comes to the door. I turn the t.v off and head to the door "hi" I say opening the door wider for my parents "ugh it smells like ink!" My mother says disgusted "that's what I like mum. If you don't like it get the fuck out!" I say. I know what your thinking 'geez she must really hate her parents!' I do hate them. They do nothing but treat me like a fucking Barbie doll "why did you chose this place sweetie?" Father says "UGH! DAD I AM NOT A FUCKING BARBIE DOLL. MY NAME IS NOT 'SWEETIE' MY NAME IS ZERO!!" I scream getting frustrated "GO TO YOUR-" my dad cuts himself off "yeah! You forgot! I don't live with your tiny ass anymore!" I growl feeling my wolf coming out "don't you growl at your father like that!" Mother says "GET THE FUCK OUT BEFORE I RIP YOUR THROATS OUT!" I scream/growl. Dad growls at me. I think I just left my pack. They finally leave me to cry in my sorrows about me being a rogue. I decide to do something. I go into my bedroom and pull the massive painting down, gently laying it on my bed I punch a hole in the wall and continue to punch until I'm at least 6 feet under ground. Then I go back up and get a shovel and dig a massive room underneath my home where I can transform when I'm angry. I go back up and cover what I've done with the painting. And go to bed. 


I wake up in my comfy bed and arise from it. I head to the kitchen and get a box of cocoa puffs and pour milk in. I start walking over to the table when a knock comes from the door. I groan putting my bowl down and walking to the door "hi Zero!" The Barbie doll, a.k.a Tiffany, says "I've come to get a tattoo" she says "of a pony?" I ask smirking "no, of a pink lipgloss stick on my face" Tiffany says. I break out into laughter "you sure are dumber then what you look like! Tattoos don't come off Tiffany! See this?" I show her my arm full of dead people and skulls "yes? What's so weird about it?" She asks it don't come off Dumbass!" I say closing the door in her face proceeding with my morning. I finish my morning routine and open the shop up. A few minutes later the door opens. I look to see the most gorgeous boy I've ever seen "hi I'm harry!" He says scanning my body "I made an appointment here for a tatto of two birds on my chest" harry says "right this way" I say pointing down the corridor. 

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