Inked for life

I'm Zero. I'm a girl. Not a girly girl. I'm more of a Tom boy. I work in a tatto shop and I'm the only employee/boss/manager. Will she meet the man of her dreams? Read 'inked for life' to find out!


2. Chapter 1

I put another colour onto the tattoo gun and start colouring in the blue rosé on a woman's foot "thanks!" She says as I finish "your welcome! Bitch" I mumble the last past as I hear the door open and close "umm excuse me?" A mans voice echoes through the shop "yaa?" I ask coming to the front to see a buff guy "hi I'm Austin, I made an appointment to get my arm done?" Austin says "right this way!" I say pointing to the hall "sit" I instruct. He does so and I ask what he wants "a skull on my elbow please" Austin says pointing to his elbow. I put a white and black colour onto the tattoo gun "first time?" I ask starting "nah. I have one on my back" Austin says. "Alrighty, your skull has been successfully made!" I say turning the power off at the wall for the gun "thanks man!" Austin says leaving "dickhead" I say. I turn the sign on the door to say that the shop is closed "what a day!" I say cleaning up the blood that someone dropped. I went outside and locked the shop. I got in my mustang and went home "NO JOHN SHE IS NOT MOVING OUT!!" I hear my mother protest with my father "what are you fucking arguing about?" I raise my voice "your moving out!" Dad says "whatever you want dad" I say going upstairs packing all of my clothes and money "see ya" I say heading out. 



A/N sorry it's a short chapter. Ill write longer ones. 

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