Josh is a foster kid, he is bullied on his school plus no teacher wants to help him out. Josh has even tried to kill himself, unsuccessful. One day he is going home, the military apears and their asking for him. He meet the girl he has been dreaming of since always, but she is not the person he thinks she is. Read the story about Josh and how he tries to save the girl he loves at the same point he has to make sure that his foster parents doesn`t get killed. Who will he pick; Foster parents or the girl he loves?


3. Cat

The military folks bought a new iPhone 5 to Josh and then drove them home. Josh wasn`t aloud to say anything bout Cathrine, that means he couldn`t say anything bout the whole Siren thing. Josh was wondering what he was going to tell his parents bout Cathrine, cuz how was he going to explain that he had a girl with him home and she had to live with them for bout a month or two. 

They walked up the drive way and then in the door to the house. They were greeted by Josh`s parents, who asked who Cathrine was and she answered in a british accent: "My name is Cathrine Bowen. I`m an exchange student on Josh`s school, and they needed for me to live somewhere, so Josh were so kindly to offer his place for me to live in. It will only be for a couple of months top." Josh looked nervous at his parents, maybe they didn`t want her here and then what would happen. "Oh... But that would be just fine, I guess." Criss said in a little to bright voice. It was friday so that meant Josh could make his own dinner since his parents where going out to dinner. 

"So what do you want for dinner?"

"Something vegan."

"Vegeterian. Ok good, cuz I`m to. I could make a salad?"

Cathrine shrugged so Josh took that as a yes. Josh began to make the salad, and Cathrine just watched.

"So, Cathrine..."

"Just call me Cat."

"Cat ok... Where do you come from?"

"An egg... Don`t ask where the egg came from."

"No... I meant where did you live before you were taken by the American Government?"

"Oh... I was actually borned inside that jail."

"Oh... Well what happens if I don`t make you normal."

"I`m going to end up on a museum or a circus. I`m hoping for the circus."

That must be awful to her, Josh thought. It`s just like waiting for the army to take sence and then send her to either; The museum were people can watch her and take pictures like she was a piece of art, or she could be sent to a museum were people were meant to see her perform some tricks and then people can either laugh or think that she is a freak, or maybe they`ll love her. That must be a little risk.

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