Josh is a foster kid, he is bullied on his school plus no teacher wants to help him out. Josh has even tried to kill himself, unsuccessful. One day he is going home, the military apears and their asking for him. He meet the girl he has been dreaming of since always, but she is not the person he thinks she is. Read the story about Josh and how he tries to save the girl he loves at the same point he has to make sure that his foster parents doesn`t get killed. Who will he pick; Foster parents or the girl he loves?


2. Area fifty one

After about half an hour in that car with a gun pointed at Josh`s head they were finally there. They blindfolded Josh so he couldn`t see where he was headed, but he could hear what happened around him; People were talking some were training to shoot, this had to be a joke. Josh could hear a door open, and some one were walking towards them. "Take him guys." Josh could hear a women`s voice say, and then they were walking again. The same voice suddenly said: "Here he is oberst."    "Thank you lieutenant." That was a man`s voice, some one took away the blindfold and then Josh could see the man. He had a military uniform and short grey hair that stuck up so it looked like he had been on a trampoline. The man gestured for Josh to follow him and so he did.

"Excuse me, sir, but where am I?"

"You are at area fifty one, boy."

"Area fifty one?" Josh was now shocked. Area fifty one? That must be a prank. Josh and the oberst went on until they came to a door. The oberst took his hand on something that scanned it and let them go in. This room was more like a hallway that went on forever, but something was different; It was like huge cages on each side, tons of them. One cage went on ten metres and it was glass in front of them and lattice so no one of them could get in or out. One cage was filled with water and there was a bunch of what looked like mermaids, but one thing that they forgot to mention in The Little Mermaid was that they had webbed finger and gills on the neck, and what freaked josh the most was; They had fangs like just fangs all of their teeth. Suddenly they tried to go through the glas and eat him luckily it was lattice and glass in front of them. They went on past what looked like huge birds and centaurs and much more frightening creatures.

When they had been walking in what felt like hours, then they finally reached the end, and a cage with only one creature in it; a girl.

The girl was about sixteen, she slept in a huge nest that could`ve fitted one of the birds that was back there. The girl woke up and came to the glass, she was beautiful; She had long dark blonde hair that reached her waist and sparkling green eyes that could enchant anyone. She had a long black dress with silver glitter on.

"You, are going to try to do her normal."

"But... What... She is just a girl."

"She may look like that, but she is a siren. Can enchant everyone to do what she want."

"Why do you wanna let her out then?"

"Cuz we wanna see if she can to it better, just one thing; She`s got that necklace there."

He pointed at the necklace, it was an owl in diamonds.

"Make sure she doesn`t take that of, if she does, she dies."

He let the girl out, but then said: "And yeah, her name is Cathrine."

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