Josh is a foster kid, he is bullied on his school plus no teacher wants to help him out. Josh has even tried to kill himself, unsuccessful. One day he is going home, the military apears and their asking for him. He meet the girl he has been dreaming of since always, but she is not the person he thinks she is. Read the story about Josh and how he tries to save the girl he loves at the same point he has to make sure that his foster parents doesn`t get killed. Who will he pick; Foster parents or the girl he loves?


1. Kidnapped

It`s early morning and Josh woke up,  as usual on his floor. Oh how fun another day at school where he is bullied just because he  is a foster kid and he likes school. Ehm... No he doesn`t like school in the luncbreak and when he is going home. So Josh just got and dressed in something that he found on the floor, he had probably been using those clothes the whole week. But hey when you`re being bullied and doesn`t have any friends and your foster parents aren`t there, then crap who cares? He went down to the kitchen to grab an apple or something. No apples, but bananas are ok aren`t they? Josh just grabbed his bag and ran outside, but then he had to go back to lock the door. He cursed himself for being that stupid and then started running to make the school in time, and to make sure he doesn`t  meet The Crappers as they called themselves. Don`t ask why cuz no one knows whay they call themselves for that. He was safe to now and he was almost at the school but no. As he ran up to the school, suddenly something ran over him

Josh heard some people stand around him to look if he was okey. All of the people that was there, was either a teacher or a student from his school. An ambulanse was there to with some cop cars. Josh could see some concerned looks on The Crappers face, they were worrying about him? "Are you okey there boy?" A voice said and Josh realised that it was a cop that was looking down at him with a concerned look on his face. "Yeah, I`m okey." Josh said but then he saw something; at the ground was something that glittered in the sun, his locket that his mother had left him when she died. The locket was completely destroyed. He felt tears coming down his cheek and Josh tried to stop them before they were noticed. Two of the doctors that were there helped Josh up so he could get in the ambulanse and then they drove to the hospital.

Josh hadn`t been at the hospital for long until his foster parents showed up, really worried. They were one of the best foster parents you could have, but they didn`t know that Josh was bullied. Josh never told them that, cuz they would only ask him if he wanned to switch school or something and no other school had his priorities. "Are you okey, Josh?!" Meredith almost shouted when she wrapped her arms around him, and it didn`t seam that she wanned to let go of him. "Yes, yes I`m okey don`t worry." Josh answered a little bothered by all this hugging. Criss as his foster father is named only tapped Josh`s shoulder and put on a brave smile. Josh gave hima smile back or... tried to at least. 

Josh was claimed recovered after about three days, but he thought he could`ve been out after just one day. As he was walking down the golden gate bridge, he saw some strange men walking towards him. They were both in the same black uniforms and they both had that scary look on their faces that mede Josh want to turn around and run, but he couldn`t. That would look to weird if he did that. So Josh just walked past the two scary men... No wait, one of them were a women. Both of them suddenly jumped at Josh and a black van pulled over to them. The two people with the uniforms pushed him in it. It`s more of those creepy persons, the whole van was filled with the persons that had the same uniforms. "I`m gonna call the cops if you don`t let me out`a here!" Josh shouted and took his phone out, but before he could diall 911, one of the uniform people took his phone and threw it out of a window. "That was an iPhone 5 you idiot!" Josh said. One of the other uniform people took out a gun and pointed it at Josh`s head, that shut him of for the rest of the tour

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