Ghost Tour Secret

A story set in Edinburgh about some witches and zombies.


1. Ghost Tour Secret

Have you ever wondered how in some ghost tours the actors look like real horrifying, blood thirsty monsters? That's because it is, and it is all the work of wannabe witches. They never intended for it to happen. It's an interesting story though...


Despite it being the start of Summer, heavy clouds rolled in over Edinburgh, giving the city a gloomy atmosphere.There was a fierce wind which blew people around and the grey clouds signalled that there would be a storm . As the first drop of rain fell the umbrella went up. This umbrella belonged to a teenage girl named Helena, who happened to be carrying a large book about witchcraft in her bag. The book itself was ancient and all of the pages were tattered and most were torn. It seemed a peculiar  book for a young teen to carry but it was requested by her friend for unknown reasons.


Helena walked up to a small and bleak-looking house. She put down her umbrella and rang the doorbell. As she waited she regretted putting down her umbrella as her clothes started to stick to her and her mahogany coloured hair became several shades darker. The door suddenly flew open and a girl from head-to-toe in black appeared. She had a red streak in her already bleached hair. "Do you have it?" asked the goth girl.  

"Yes, Saffron, I do," replied Helena. The girl, Saffron, smirked.            

 "Come on, we must go now, before it gets too dark!" She stepped out of the house and started walking at a fast pace. Helena follows her crazy and dramatic friend down the pavement.                  "Where are we going? I mean, what are we  even doing? Are we going to get into trouble? I mean, why-" Saffron rolled her eyes and then interrupts by saying,                                                           "God, you ask a lot of questions! Oh and by the way Meredith will be there too!" After that they walk in silence, the only sound is the heavy rain falling onto the pavement.


"I am just getting into my acting zone!" said a man dressed as a zombie, with fake cuts and make up on his face so it looks like his skin has been ripped open. His clothes are tattered and he has dirt and fake blood on him. He waves an arm as if to dismiss the angry tour guide standing next to him. The two men stand outside The Witchery Restaurant discuss the night's plans."People love it!"  The angry tour guide scowls.                                                                                                       "Well, that poor English woman certainly didn't and if she had she obviously wouldn't have complained about a man DRESSED as a zombie trying to BITE her!" The man spits out every word like venom. "Shape up or GET OUT!"                                                                                        "But we are out!" says the zombie. The guide rolls his eyes.                                                         "NOT WHAT I MEANT! Look just get prepared and remember not to bite people, please?" The zombie nods then opens the door into The Witchery Restaurant.


Helena and Saffron walk into the grassmarket, keeping up the pace. Saffron's boots make a loud clip clopping sound on the cobblestoned ground. Helena looked around nervously. Her eyes pass over Edinburgh castle, which is barely visible due to the fog coming in but the silhouette still looked beautiful. From a distance the castle looked spooky and eerie. She reminisced over school trips there as a small kid and she thought of how long it had been since she had last went there. Helena always imagined all of the going ons that might have happened in the past, like dances or balls and thinking about if they had ever used the cannons. Her eyes look next at the curiosity shop which she had bought many items. Then she saw her favourite shop, Armstrong's Vintage Clothes shop. In the window she saw a flowery print dress, a man's suit and a bunch of other stuff. She saw extravagant masks, white pearls, all manners of jewellery and just everything about it seemed amazing. It was definitely her favourite thing about Edinburgh. Then her eyes passed over an eerie sight, the gallows. The place where many witches had met their demise, she shivered as she remembered the book in her bag or maybe it was the weather, either way she pulled her hoodie tighter around herself to try and feel warmer. Saffron tugs at her friend's arm as she realises that she had stopped. Helena mumbles an apology as they keep walking up to Candlemaker Row. They walk onto the narrow street and then Helena turns her head to look up at the amazing arc that is George IV's bridge. After walking for a bit they see Greyfriar's cemetery and a shadowy figure waving from the entrance. Behind the figure you can see the old crypts in all their glory and Helena imagined all the great and good people buried there. She liked to imagine she was in the past sometimes and that she was part of that time as she had a certain fascination with history. Soon she thought about being on a mission with Burke and Hare (her favourite topic was history and Burke and Hare were her favourites to learn about) to steal bodies so they could become rich. Soon she remembered what they were doing, well she didn't exactly know she so asked Saffron. Saffron smiled and said, "Well, hand me that book." Helena gets the book out her bag and hands it to Saffron. "We're raising the dead, baby!"


“WHAT?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?” shouts Helena as they stand in the cemetery entrance. “THIS IS NOT RIGHT! WHY WOULD YOU WANT THIS!” Saffron turned on her heel. The waving figure now visible as Meredith, a mousy girl with short ginger hair and a dull personality comes over at stands next to Helena.                                                                              “You must have known that recently my mum died of cancer. Yes?” She nods as Saffron repeats this information. Then suddenly it hits Helena. Saffron wanted to bring back her mother. She shakes her head.                                                                                                                                    “No. NO. NO! THIS is not what I meant when I said I wanted to go to Hogwarts and become a witch!” Meredith nods at this in agreement. Saffron scowls and opens the book up with such a ferocity that you would think she is going to rip the already slightly torn pages. Saffron starts chanting words that neither girls can understand.  The wind picks up and so does the rain. The leaves swirl around above their heads and around gravestones and crypts. Then comes a deafening sound as the ground cracks open. Saffron shrieks with laughter, just like a real witch. Hands burst out of the ground and people crawl out of the ground. Helena knows these aren’t real people and without another glance she runs faraway from Saffron and Meredith. She has no idea where she was going she just ran.


Outside The WItchery Restaurant there stands a man dressed as a zombie. He clears his throat and practices groans and moans and muttering the word “brains” repeatedly. Just as he is about to enter he sees a man woman hobble up the street. She has a vacant look and the actor starts to wonder if she is hurt. “Excuse me, Miss! Are you okay?” shouts the actor. “Probably drunk,” he mutters under his breath. Then a groan escaped her mouth. Then he starts to feel worry so he runs down to the woman. “Hello? Are you okay? Can I he-” He is cut off as the woman bites into his arm.


The tour guide stands in the alley outside of The Witchery Restaurant and starts to tell tales of ghosts and witches. He tries to set a spooky atmosphere but the ongoing storm had already achieved that. Behind him there was a loud scraping noise and he looked to see his co-worker coming up the alley. The actor’s body was slumped and one foot dragged against the stone floor. “Goodness me, I thought it was someone else. You’re way too early though!” says the guide under his breath. The actor walked forward several paces then stopped. “Blimey, what happened to your arm?” exclaimed the guide with worry. The actor walked forward a couple more paces forward across the stone floor to one of the people on the tour, a teenage boy. When the actor lifts his head the boys eyes brighten.                          

“WOW! Haha! It looks like a real zombie!” says the boy excitedly as the “zombie” takes his arm and leans down to bite it.                                                                                    

“NO!”” He pulls away the “zombie” not knowing it wasn’t the actor anymore and walked back onto the main street. “WHAT DID WE JUST TALK ABOUT?” The man shakes his head and then pushes the actor into The Witchery Restaurant. The guide walks back down to the alley and says, “Sorry, about that. I told him not to bite people anymore!”The boy laughs.

“What, do you have like a stash of zombies hidden in there?” replies the boy gesturing to the restaurant. The guide smiles, shakes his head and then continues with the tour.


“So, David, how was the ghost tour?” asked David’s mother as he came in through the front door. He smiles at her as he walks into the kitchen where his mother stands.

“Awesome!” was his reply. “I mean there was this cool zombie dude, the make up was so realistic I thought it was real!” he continues. His mother laughs and ruffles David’s already messy hair.

“You read to many horror books! Sweetie, please stop thinking the zombie apocalypse is imminent!” David smiles at his mother.

“It will happen and when it does you are not sharing my zombie apocalypse survival kit with you!” They both laugh and then his mother points upstairs and says, “Bed, come on it’s really late!” David says goodnight and then he trudged upstairs. Little did he know that it wasn’t just an actor..

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