Eyes as blue as the sea

tiffany, and her best friend bella are both 18, and living there normal life under the sea.... and yes there mermaids...no one knows there real only the other mermaids and them know until. 2 boys come to a island together whitch is where tiffany and bella swim. the boys swim and they see only there tail and tell the other and they both look under water and see a shark coming to them........what will happen. will they find out about mermaids will they fall in love idk (one direction not famous)


2. Bella (2end capter)

Hi I'm Bella. I'm a mermaid like Tiffany and she is my best friend. I have blond hair with pink strikes. I have brown eyes. I'm crazy shy adventurous curious and nice. I think tiffany is the kindest people I know that's one of the things I love about her. any way that's me see ya around

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