Quadrilateral- The Hidden Treasure

Many grandparents ago live d a city named 'Quadrilateral' and has left behind a most amazing, useful, old but valuble TREASURE.......


2. The History of the Hidden Treasure

After school we went to talk with Mrs. Olivia about the hidden treasure.


Mrs. Olivia said “Yes indeed there is still a hidden treasure somewhere hidden amongst the thorny branches. I cannot wait to find out the amazing, fabulous treasure that the past has left us with. Now boys let me tell you the whole story you won't be able to keep patient. But before I can tell you remember that it's never the environment; it's never the events of our lives, but the meaning we attach to the events - how we interpret them - that shapes who we are today and we'll become tomorrow. So, many grandparents ago there was a war against Rhombus and the Diamonds. Rhombus fought for the treasure that was under the protection of the great and the honored Diamond King. They fought all day and night and the next day and that night and the day after and continued like this for several months and still would not stop so the king decided to hide his very own precious treasure. The king sent his two beloved sons who were very polite and respected by the country. Their names were Sam the Square and Conil the Circle. They ran with the heavy Treasure chest miles and miles away sometimes suffering from the wet and heavy rain and wind or sometimes suffering from the hot sun but at last they came to a city called Quadrilateral and they hid the treasure where no one has ever discovered so far."


"Do you have any idea where the city Quadrilateral is placed on earth?" I questioned.


"Oh yeah it is where we have made our homes, where we are living right now." she answered.


"Do you mean that it is in this suburb!" I asked excitedly


"Absolutely!" she said





















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