Quadrilateral- The Hidden Treasure

Many grandparents ago live d a city named 'Quadrilateral' and has left behind a most amazing, useful, old but valuble TREASURE.......


3. Gathering Clues

I can't wait to see what the hidden treasure is! I asked Tim if we could look for it. He said why not and he even said that we start it this Afternoon.

Its already Afternoon, Me and Tim set of to find the tresure. We strated of with looking around the town asking to people who will know about treasure. When we walked for a while we met a men who we asked and he said that he has got a letter from the past that has a quote on it.

He took us to his house and showed us the paper. It was really old and it was written from ink.

It said:

"Deep and Dark

Unique of all

scary and freightening"

"I know a place that is described exactly like that!" Tim said excietedly

"It is the most Unique cave "THE CIRCLE".


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