Deceive Or Destroy

"You and me," He said. "Until the end of time.

Elena Brooks found out that her sad excuse of a mother was in Elsthemor. A place full of demons, pixies, werewolves, vampires. All the creatures that she had been hunting for all long as she could remember.

When she has to save her mother, what will she find?
More importantly, who will she find?

This is Deceive or Destroy.


3. ;;Where Am I. ||

I looked around at the bleak looking mountain. How on Earth did my mum get to a place like this?

                Immediately, I gave a quick sweep of the place, examining the area and how I would survive. I didn’t even know how to get off this hell rock and I prayed that my mum would know how. As I took cautious steps towards the mountain, I felt paranoid.

Every breeze made the hairs on the back of my neck; every sound made me whip my head around. I was in the middle of disaster. I trudged along the side of the woods on what looked like a make-shift path. Slowly and steadily, I was swallowed into the darkness and howls of the woods; holding my hand steady on my sword gave me some sense of comfort.

                A howl ripped through the silence and immediately I slung my sword out. I turned 360 degrees, looking everywhere to see where the demon was coming from; I couldn’t see anything hurtling towards me, so I put my sword back in. I took a step forward, when I had an uncanny feeling that someone was watching me. I knew that there were probably over a hundred demons hiding out in these bushes, but strangely, the feeling grew to a point of extreme paranoia.

Not able to handle the urge to keep going, I spun around just quick enough to see an animal lunging at me. Instincts kicked in and I pulled the knife out of my thigh and brought it up. Forgetting that it was a normal blade, the poison trickled across the metal and the metal began bubbling and melting; some of the skin on my hand began bubbling as well. I hissed loudly, dropping the useless blade to the floor.

Unable to do anything else, I brought my fists up. The demon took a second to understand my defensive approach, and then out of nowhere it burst into flames. My first thought was that Dylan had come to save me but then I realized that this demon had more skills hanging on its sleeve. I tried kicking it but the heat of the flames burnt my boot and immediately, I pulled back. How was I supposed to kill this thing? Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and didn’t think at all. I threw my fist in the fire; the burning sensation hit me suddenly. I hit it with all the power I had and it worked. The demon seemed slightly disorientated, and then the blue flames surrounding it’s body faded out.

 Ignoring the pain that was searing up my scathed hand, I pulled my sword out and in a blink; I ran my sword straight through the demon’s body. The small whimpers of the dying monster was at the back of my mind, as my heart was thumping so hard and fast; I could hear the echo of it banging against my chest.

                I took a few moments to catch my breath, I slightly bent my knees and rested my hands on my thighs and closed my eyes. I had to control myself over here. I had to be ready for everything. I had to survive.

I decided that the best way to get through this and find my mother would be to fit in. The vampires surely looked like me, having human form so these demons had no way of telling whether I was safe or not. I had to pretend to be a monster. I had to be what I killed, or else I would be killed.

It was deceive or destroy.

After all, this was Elsthemor. 

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