Deceive Or Destroy

"You and me," He said. "Until the end of time.

Elena Brooks found out that her sad excuse of a mother was in Elsthemor. A place full of demons, pixies, werewolves, vampires. All the creatures that she had been hunting for all long as she could remember.

When she has to save her mother, what will she find?
More importantly, who will she find?

This is Deceive or Destroy.


2. ;;What The Hell. ||


                “So can someone tell me why I’m here?” I asked. Andy and a few other people I didn't know were all sitting by the table, looking at me expectantly. Andy slid a folder across the table towards me and motioned for me to open this. Everyone was waiting, anticipating my reaction; when I opened it, every cell in me hardened.

                “Where did you get this?” I said, the words coming through my clenched teeth. I felt my teeth ground together as anger rushed through me. I looked back at the picture, and a familiar face looked back at me. My mum.

                “That all doesn't matter. I know you have some issues with your mum but I nee-”

                “Some issues?” I shrieked. “She left me for a demon man. Literally. And I was seven.”

                “Look, I kn-”

                “I was seven. Young enough to be helpless, but old enough not to be naive as to why she was actually leaving me; it hurt. A lot.”

                “Listen, your mum somehow managed to get herself stuck in Elsthemor and we nee-”

                “You want me to risk my life, and go in Elsthemor to save some woman even though going into Elsthemor is going against all the values I have learnt since I could talk?” I asked, twisting my words so it sounded as if they were asking me to the worst things.

                “That some woman as you say, is your mother. And you need to go.”

                Andy said it with such finality that I couldn’t muster up the words to argue. In less than an hour, I was dressed and put into gear. I had an Elf blade settling across my thigh. It was made purely from Elf blood which meant it could withstand the poison that would spew from some of the demons. I had a knife tucked in under my top (hidden from sight) and I had another in plain view strapped to my thigh just in case I had to be really quick. I also had eighteen years of self-defense, karate, kick-boxing to back me up. And like every other modernized fighter, I had a gun hidden in a holster inside my jacket.

                And just like that, I was zapped into a whirl of colors, blinding lights and deafening sounds.

                I was in Elsthemor.


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