Deceive Or Destroy

"You and me," He said. "Until the end of time.

Elena Brooks found out that her sad excuse of a mother was in Elsthemor. A place full of demons, pixies, werewolves, vampires. All the creatures that she had been hunting for all long as she could remember.

When she has to save her mother, what will she find?
More importantly, who will she find?

This is Deceive or Destroy.


1. ;;Well, Okay Then. ||

 When you see a tiny girl with a dress and wings, the first thought you would get would be that she was a cute little fairy. But not when it pulls out an unearthly sized sword and slashes at you. When I saw the fairy, I figured that I could just capture her in the globes but when she took out her sword, I realized two things. First, this was definitely not a fairy; she was a pixie. Second, I could fight her with my sword, or I could throw holy water on her or...I could run.

And that’s what I did. All three of them. I pulled out my sword on her and slashed her cheek and her arm. She took a second to look down in pain, and that was all that I needed. I pulled out my holy water casket and threw it at her. She hissed in pain, and her blue innocent eyes changed colors into blood red eyes with anger ignited inside them. Then I decided to be smart, and I ran for my life with the pixie hot on my heels.

I took a quick glance behind me to see if she was still following me, and she sure was. Her light green skin turned red and splotchy, bubbling in some places.

“Damn, that looks as if it hurt.” I said, letting out a low chuckle, taking some satisfaction that it was me who had hurt her.

                “Yeah, it did. I’ll show you the same pain.” The pixie sneered and that’s when I decided to stop taunting it. I had some common-sense. And I knew that if I angered the pixie enough, then she would be able to kill me. And I did not have some death wish. I concentrated forwards again, and took every turn I saw trying to confuse her.

                “You messed with the wrong pixie today, bit-”

                She never finished her cursing so I looked back to see what held her. As I turned around, I saw an electric blue light blast into the pixie; the light was so blinding I had to shield my eyes. As the light hit the pixie, rays flew out of her knocking me to the concrete ground. Out of instinct, I kept my head tucked in into my chest, cradled my head and brought my knees up to protect my midriff. The back of my skull and my back took the heat of the impact.

                “Urgh.” I groaned as I clutched my head in pain. I rocked back and forth for a while, until I opened my eyes to see what had happened to the pixie. As I opened my eyes, my view was blocked by another figure. Dylan. Dylan Hastings. He looked down on me, his eyes glowing like the color of the light which told me that he was the one who saved me. He smirked down at my defeated figure, but didn’t even give out a hand to help me out – not that I would have taken it anyway.

                As I dusted myself off, I narrowed my eyes at him. “Thanks for being the oh-so lovely gentleman you are and helping me up.” I said sarcastically.

                “I saved your life. Try and do something by yourself.” He said, his eyes returning to its normal color and lighting up with amusement.

                “What are you doing here, Dylan?” I sighed, massaging the raging headache in my temple.

                “I came to save your sorry butt.” He said it like it was obvious.

                I scoffed at what he said and how he said it. “Please, I was doing fine.”

                “Yeah, because running from a pissed-off pixie is fine.” Dylan said, his lips curling into a sly grin.

                “I swear to God, if you piss me off even more than you already have, I’ll be handing your teeth back to you.” I threatened him, my fingers clenching into a fist by my side.

                “Look, I came because Andy was looking for you.” He sighed.

                “Looking for me? Why?” I asked confused. Why was my boss looking for me?

                “Tell me when you find out.” He said, and then disappearing in the darkness. I followed him in suit, slowly disappearing into the background and flashing myself in Andy’s work place. 

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