17 year old Arianna thought she was a normal girl until she wakes up with a nasty burn on her arm- and she watches it heal before her eyes. Then she meets the mysterious Kai and is thrust into a world she never could have dreamed existed.


3. Truth

We landed, hands still interlocked, on a sunny beach. Here, I realised that Kai was quite beautiful. His dark hair and complection worked well along with his muscular figure. He looked like he belonged on a Hollister billboard rather than with me and my ash covered features. We must not be anywhere near America as it was the middle of the night there. How did we even get here? A million questions were racing through my mind. I couldn't believe what had just happened. 'Guess you've got a few questions?' Said Kai with a smirk. 'What the hell just happened? Kai what is happening to me, with you what was that dream about? Seriously, I think that I'm like insane or-' He cut me off, he had a habit of doing that, and said 'I'm going to tell you the truth, everything, but you have to promise me one thing? You can't freak out, no matter what I tell you, just listen for a while, ok?' The way Kai was emphasising the situation was making me nervous. I had no idea what could possibly be going on, this is completely against everything I have ever know. But, I decided that I would hear him out, I couldn't exactly leave now, could I? I took a deep breath and decided I was ready to hear what he had to say. 'Ok, tell me what you can.'
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