17 year old Arianna thought she was a normal girl until she wakes up with a nasty burn on her arm- and she watches it heal before her eyes. Then she meets the mysterious Kai and is thrust into a world she never could have dreamed existed.


4. Talents

'I've never told anybody all this before but I'm going to try. Arianna, have you ever heard how regular humans can only use an eighth of their brain? Well, the reason we are different is because we can use other seven eighths of our brains and we can use it to do things like no mortal person can. There is so many things that we can do, there are things we can all do but everyone has a special talent, one that is stronger than all the rest, like your forté, basically. I'm weird I have three special talents. Why I don't know. But the reason why you are so special is that you, despite not even knowing what you are, can preform every talent as if it were your specialty. This Arianna, could either be a blessing or a curse. 'All of us can do certain things, for example, we all heal very fast, are all extremely fast and strong, we are all immortal and invulnerable and we all can all read minds, to an extent. Some special talents people have are time travel, visions, invisibility and other powers. I have manipulation, complete mind reading and, my favourite, teleportation. In time, you will be able to do everything I have mentioned. There is someone looking for you though Arianna. And he probably won't stop until he finds you. You need to stick with me. I'll protect you. So, any questions?' He asked with that same smug look on his face again. Any questions? How could I not have questions? Instead of pestering him, I just asked, 'So, when can I start?'
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