17 year old Arianna thought she was a normal girl until she wakes up with a nasty burn on her arm- and she watches it heal before her eyes. Then she meets the mysterious Kai and is thrust into a world she never could have dreamed existed.


2. Mysterious Stranger

We sat there for a moment staring at each other then I quickly got to my feet, startled by the fact the boy from my dreams had somehow appeared in my bedroom. 'What the he-' I screamed but got cutoff mid sentence by him saying, 'Arianna, we need to leave. Now.' There was worry in his voice. Why did he know my name? Why was he here? 'You could die if you don't come with me now. I need you.' He sounded desperate, maybe even scared. But what I failed to understand is why a complete stranger wanted me to just leave with him? 'Look, I don't know who you are but please just explain to me what the hell is going on?' I was completely baffled by the situation. 'Don't freak, please, but Arianna, you're different. Special. You have talents and abilities like no one else. I'm the same as you. I can tell you more about yourself and our kind but you are in danger and we really need to leave.' He said, but I didn't even know this guys name how did he expect- 'Kai, my name is Kai.' What the hell did he just do? 'But how did you just do that?' I could not believe that he had just done that it was like he had- 'Read your mind? Yeah, well, you better come with me and I might teach you how to do that,' said Kai coyly. 'Okay, tell me why I need to leave then I might go.' I was not going to leave with Kai without a valid reason. 'Because, there is someone after you, Arianna, and you need to come with me, I can protect you and we need to leave now come on!' He seemed to be really rushing now as if something were about to happen. Kai held out his hand and said, 'Take my hand.' I reached out cautiously and took his hand and the next thing I knew I was hurtling through space hand in hand with the mysterious Kai, wondering what I had just gotten myself into.
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