My secret identity.

Josie and Marcel were best friends from when they were four years old,right up to when they were 14. As Josie becomes popular, Marcel finds him self slow losing Josie,desperate to keep Jodie,Marcel ask's her to prom,when she say's no,he flips his whole life around. So what happens when Marcel 'supposedly' moves out of town and Harry Styles is transferred?


5. Chapter 5.

The end of school came around quite quickly. As it was Friday,I met Holly by my locker. Friday was shopping day. All of us went,Me,Holly,The twins,Daniel,Matt,Twig and Charlie. I would go back to Holly's house and then later Daniel would pick us all up in his 7 seater,which he stole from his dad with-out him knowing. It was cramped in the 7 seater as there were 8 of us,so Holly always sat on Charlie's lap and always got away with it. Me going out on Friday's would always upset Marcel,as Friday used to be his day with me. I used to see him lingering round the mall sometimes,but he'd soon scurry off when he saw the boy's staring at him. 

Anyway,today was just the same as any other day. We drove back to Holly's house and run upstairs to her room to change. I borrow Holly's clothes,although I brung my own,her's are MUCH nicer and she never minds me borrowing them,I rummage through her wardrobe and find a black vest top and a blue denim skirt. I throw them on and apply some makeup. I wear my own blue vans. Holly wears a pair of tight jeans and her sleeveless Hollister top which suits her figure perfectly. By the time we finish getting ready,Daniel is parked in the driveway waiting for us. I grab my phone and run downstairs. I jump in the empty seat beside Daisy and Ruby. Matt and Daniel are in the front and I watch as Holly places herself on Charlie's lap,who's sitting next to twig.  Daniel starts the car and we're off. 

"We saw you with that guy today Josie,who is he?" Daniel asks from the front seat. 

I hear a "Yea,who?" from Matt,who's face flushes red. 

"He's no-one guys,All I know is his name is Harry,I've never met him before in my life!"

"Mum say's he was transferred from his last school in New York." Holly exclaims. 

"New York?" I ask. 

"Yea,apparently they wanted to move to England for years and they finally got the chance as one of his dad's friends or something had gotta new job and was moving out. So I guess,he moved into there house and took his job." Holly explain's. 

"Nice life story." Twig laughs. 

"Sounds a bit like Marcel's dad's life story?" Ruby questions.

"Yes it does sound like that." Daisy repeats. 

I nod. "It probably was,his dad knew a lot of people" 

They all shoot me a look. 

"What? He did!" 

"Have you heard anything from Mr Marcel then Jos?" Twig asks. 

"No,I haven't" My cheeks flush red. 

"I bet it is Marcel's dad that's friend with Harry's dad,because why else would Marcel move and suddenly a new hottie,Harry Edward Style's be transferred?" 

"She's got a point,although I don't appreciate the use of hottie when you are not referring to me." Charlie say's as Daniel pulls into a parking space. 

"Sorry baby" Holly pecks him on the lips and climbs out the car,we all follow and lead into the mall. 

 We go into starbucks,where we always go when we get here. We order our drinks and find a table. We sit down. I feel a pinch on my arm. "Ow,what?" I turn to holly who's frantically pointing to the door. "Look!" She murmurs. I turn around and there. Standing in the doorway,is,Harry Edward Styles.



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