My secret identity.

Josie and Marcel were best friends from when they were four years old,right up to when they were 14. As Josie becomes popular, Marcel finds him self slow losing Josie,desperate to keep Jodie,Marcel ask's her to prom,when she say's no,he flips his whole life around. So what happens when Marcel 'supposedly' moves out of town and Harry Styles is transferred?


4. Chapter 4.

The next morning,I make sure I'm up extra early,dressed and ready by 7:00. Holly comes at half past 8,so I have plenty of time. I run down the stairs and out the front door,right down my street,passing another street and finally landing on Dove Street,Marcel's road. His house number is 50 and I find it almost immediately. I knock on the door,but there's no answer,no car on the drive,nothing. I try again,even though I still end up with no reply. I jog all the way back home and land on the couch with a long puff. "Where did you go Josie?" Molly asks,climbing on to my lap. "I just had something to do,don't worry" I say,tickling her chin. 

"Mum says she'd make you breakfast as you're up early" Molly say's,climbing off my lap and skipping back to the kitchen. 

"Ask her if I can have a pancake,remember to say pretty please!" I tell her. 

"If you're having pancake's,I'm having pancakes!" She screams. 

10 minutes later we are all huddled around the breakfast table eating pancakes with golden syrup. Mum clears up my plate almost as soon as I'm finished."Molly,you need to get dressed when you've finished that"

She stuffs the last mouthful of food in her mouth and climbs off the breakfast table, "Yes Mum" She says sighing and running off up the stairs. I hear Holly's horn sound in the driveway. I kiss Mum on the cheek,grab my school bag and run out the door,once again throwing my school bag in the back and sliding into the passenger seat. 

"So is it true?" Holly says with a wide grin on her face. 

"If I knew what you were talking,I should be able to answer that" 

"Marcel,Stupid!" She says,whacking me in the arm. 

"Oh yeah,I think so?" I say puzzled,as it was her mum who told her it was? 

"Sweet" She says smiling,she pushes her foot down on the pedal and we're off. 


We have assembly today,so neither of us have to go to form as it's Tuesday,when we arrive at  school,everyone stands around the lockers getting there books out for next period,so we do the same. Mine and Holly's lockers are next to each other. She leans against her locker as I hurriedly try and find my science book,I can't find it anywhere. 

"Holly,Have you seen my science book?" I ask.

"Nope" She answers. "Wonder what assembly's going to be about today?"

"What are they always about? The joys of Mrs Green talking about health and safety every flipping time." I groan. Suddenly,Holly slams my locker shut,causing me to jump back and drop all my books on the floor. "Thanks so much for that Holly,what?!" I scream. 

"Turn around and look." A tall boy with brown curls slightly covering his eyes is walking down the hallway. He's wearing a black leather jacket,a white shirt and black trousers. His eyes were a misty green and they reminded me of Marcel's. He was hot and nearly everyone had turned to watch. "Josie,He's walking over to you." 

"What? No he's not,he's clearly going to reception" I say still staring. "No,Oh god he's coming over to me" I panic,turning to Holly. "How do I look?" 

"Good,now smile" She says pushing me as Harry Styles stops right in front of me. I lean back against my locker and I find his hand resting against the side of my head,his arms out stretched and his feet touching mine. I hear Ruby and Daisy appear at the side of Holly,mumbling to each other. 

"Um do I know you?" I say,keeping my voice casual. 

"No,but you do now,I'm Harry Edward Styles,Middles names not needed." He explains. 

"Right,well I'm Holly Rose Dame,um middle names not needed either,nice to meet you" I say,extending my hand. He lets off a small grin and pulls himself off my locker,relaxing himself and pulling out his arm to shake my hand. "I'm guessing these are your's?" He questions,bending down and picking my books up off the floor.

I nod and then the bell rings. "Well,this has been fun,thank you,but I must go to assembly now,good talking to you,Harry middle name not needed Styles." 

"Hm,well I've gotta go to assembly too,so perhaps you could show me the way and introduce me to your friends" He wavers his hand towards Holly,Daisy and Ruby who are staring with there mouths open. I cough and they step back and relax. "Well this is Holly,she's dating Charlie,I point off towards the direction there in and Ruby,who's dating Daniel and her twin sister,Ruby" I explain. 

"Nice to meet you",he says nodding his head towards them. "And who are you dating?" He asks,turning towards me. 

"No-one,at the moment." I was still kind of confused why he had chosen to talk to me out of everyone else,but I guessed he'd tell me soon. We made our way to assembly and I waved goodbye to the girls and found my seat,I look over and found him looking back at me smiling. A rush of butterflies flew through my stomach,but I managed to smile back and avoid everyone's murmured whispers. 

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