My secret identity.

Josie and Marcel were best friends from when they were four years old,right up to when they were 14. As Josie becomes popular, Marcel finds him self slow losing Josie,desperate to keep Jodie,Marcel ask's her to prom,when she say's no,he flips his whole life around. So what happens when Marcel 'supposedly' moves out of town and Harry Styles is transferred?


3. Chapter 3.

As soon as I walk through the door,I'm already being screamed at. "Josie,what time do you call this? Go get dressed quickly,we're going out for dinner with your father." Instantly I'm put in a good mood,I love my dad,but he works away in London,so I never get to see him,He's a music producer,one of the best. He rings all the time and I see him every two weeks and special occasions,but dinner out is always nice,as he always brings Molly and I a present back,usually an autograph from a famous person. I run up the stairs and pull on my 'Not too casual,Not too fancy' dress. Its blue and has a blue bow,which sits on the right hip. I find my converse stuffed at the bag of my overflowing wardrobe. 

"COME ON JOSIE" I hear my mum call, I shout back an angry 'I'm Coming!!" And run down the stairs. 

We arrive at the restaurant and find my dad,drinking a beer at the bar. Molly runs over to him and clasps her hands around his neck,forcing her into a tight hug. My dad puts down his beer stands up and picks Molly up and spins her around. "Molly the Munchkin! Haven't you grown taller?" He says as he puts her down and kisses her on the cheek. I laugh,because of course Molly hasn't grown taller,she's very small. "Hi dad," I say,as I walk over,giving him a kiss on the cheek and a hug. "Hi Honey,How's school?" He asks. 

"Crap." I say,sighing. I feel mums eyes burning on me. "Sorry Mum." I say giggling. 

"Haley,darling" He exclaims,walking over towards my mum,he kisses her on the lips for a long time. 

"Alright, that's quite enough" I shout as Molly makes sick noises out her mouth. Dad laughs again,moving himself apart from Mum. "Right,well I've got us a table,if you'd like to follow me!" Dad directs in his best waiter impersonation,making Molly fall into splits of laughter. 


Our meals came really quickly after we had found our table. Halfway through my chicken stir fry,my Iphone buzzed,I looked over at the preview of the message that had been displayed on my screen. It read: 

Hols <3

Did you hear? Geek boys moved out of town!

"Molly,please put your phone away at the table! Molly! Molly,did you hear me?" I sat in utter silence as my mum kept shouting. I couldn't get my head round the situation. Marcel? Moved out of town? "Molly,that's it I'm taking it" She pauses. "Well this isn't very nice,Molly who's geek boy? And why would you call him that?"

"I need to be excused" I explain,snatching my phone out of her hand and racing to the bathroom. I run into an open cubicle and slide down against the door,onto the floor. What if it's my fault he's moved out of town? Because I didn't go prom with him? I rush all the bad thoughts out of my head and make up the scenario he's moved out of town because his Dad had got a new job. I pick up my phone which was now on the floor next to me and text back Holly. 

Moved out of town? How do you know? Ahahaha x

Within seconds I got a reply. 

Mum told me,wonder what made him transfer?

I decided to tell her what happened today in form. 

He asked me to go to prom with him,I said no,obvs,perhaps it was that?

I laughed at her next reply,which was:

'You heartbreaker!'

I picked myself up off the floor and made my way back to our table. My chicken stir fry was cold and I couldn't eat it. "Everything okay sweetie?" Mum said,in a soothing voice. 

"Yea Mum,fine,It's just that the stir fries cold." I explained. 

She nodded her head, "Ah Okay" 

Dad and Molly ordered a chocolate Sunday to share while I ate the brownie that they left at the bottom. We kissed and hugged dad goodbye and left on our way home. 

As soon as we got in the car,Mum asked: "Molly,who's geek boy?" 

I sighed. "Mum,It's just a joke,he's our friend,stop worrying."

"Well are you sad he's moved out of town?" 

"Devastated" I said,sarcastically. 

Molly gave me a harsh poke in the arm. 

"OW MOLLY WHAT?" I screamed.

"I miss Marcel,what happened to Marcel?" She asks,quietly. My face drops and I take her small hand that's resting in her lap. "I miss him too Mols,I miss him too"


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