My secret identity.

Josie and Marcel were best friends from when they were four years old,right up to when they were 14. As Josie becomes popular, Marcel finds him self slow losing Josie,desperate to keep Jodie,Marcel ask's her to prom,when she say's no,he flips his whole life around. So what happens when Marcel 'supposedly' moves out of town and Harry Styles is transferred?


2. Chapter 2


"MOLLY SHUT UP!" I scream as I bury my head into my pillow. My little sister runs into my room,making the noise of an alarm. 

"Mum says,if you don't get up now,you will be late for Holly" She says,rocking back and forth on her feet. 

"Yea,well you don't need to pretend to be an alarm to wake me up,just do it quietly,okay?" 

"Sorry Josie" She says,running out the room. I know she's not sorry,she'll do it again tomorrow. My little sister is 5 and everyone says she looks just like me,which I can't see,at all. 

I heave my body out of bed and stumble to the wardrobe. I fling it open and pick out my uniform,my hideous grey skirt and a yellow blouse,which is too big for me. I slip them on and find my blazer,hanging on my wardrobe. I dig around for my grey knee high socks and run down stairs with my Louis Vuitton bag clutched in my hand. As I reached the bottom step,a horn sounded from our driveway. "JOSIE,HOLLY'S HERE"

"I know Mum,I'm not deaf you know!" I exclaimed,making my way towards the front door. 

"Here's your lunch money" My mum said handing me a 10 pound note and kissing my cheek as I made my way towards the door. I walked towards Holly's car,chucked my bag in the back and slid down into the passenger seat. 

"You're such a Mummy's Girl" She laughed. 

I shot her a look. "It pays off" I said,pushing my sunglasses onto my face and laying back on the chair. Holly laughed again and turned up the radio. 

We pulled into the school 5 minutes later,Holly drove round looking for her usual parking spot,she found it just as someone was about to pull in,she quickly swerved and flew into the spot,just in time. 

"Jesus Holly,be careful" I said,as I undid my seatbelt. She laughed and climbed out the car. 

"See you first period?"  I said, she nodded and we imaginary kissed on each cheek.

I walked to form,waving at everyone who waved at me. As I entered the doorway, Marcel was ushering me over. Sighing,I made my way over to him,as there was no-one present at the moment,it was okay. "What's up Marcel?" I said,beaming at him. 

"Holly,will you go to prom with me?" He blurted out.

"Oh Marcel,I"  My face dropped. 

"You said you would when we were 5! You promised!" He said,pushing up his glasses. 

"Marcel,I was 5!" His head fell down. I put to fingers on his chin and lifted his head up,he looked me in the eyes,his glasses slipping down his nose again. I couldn't resist a little laughed. He quickly adjusted his glasses. I put my hands on his shoulders. 

"Marcel,I can't go to prom with you,I'm sorry sweetpea" I kissed his cheek and before he could say anymore,the bell rang for form. The rest of the day carried on as usual,apart from the fact that everytime I looked over at Marcel,it was because he was being told of for not concentrating,which was odd,for Marcel. 

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