My secret identity.

Josie and Marcel were best friends from when they were four years old,right up to when they were 14. As Josie becomes popular, Marcel finds him self slow losing Josie,desperate to keep Jodie,Marcel ask's her to prom,when she say's no,he flips his whole life around. So what happens when Marcel 'supposedly' moves out of town and Harry Styles is transferred?


1. Chapter 1

Marcel had been my bestfriend since I was four,we met in a sandpit,our mums had started talking and on that day we claimed it fate that had brought us together,as if by reason. However,I know now that it was just a coincidence that brought Marcel and I together,nothing more,I've never told him this,because I know he still thinks differently. Marcel is probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet,but he's a geek,with black square glasses and a brown waistcoat which looks too tight for his thin chest,but he claims it fit's him comfortably. I know everything about him and I'm not exaggerating,literally everything. One night when he slept round my house,we stayed up late playing continuous games of 20 questions. He told me I was his only friend,I told him I'll always be his friend. Marcel is nothing like me,with him being a nerd,I stay on the relatively popular side,people like me,I'm not a nerd and I dress relatively casually,with a black skater skirt on my hips and a crop top covering the majority of my belly. 

When Marcel and I were younger,we did everything together,our mums were really close and were always going out for lunch. My Mum and His Mum couldn't be parted,they talked about everything,we weren't like ordinary friends,who had to hide to make sure they didn't have to go home,our mum's did it for us. When Marcel's mum came head to head in a car crash with a drunk driver and died almost immediately,you can't imagine how much my mum cried,I ran round to Marcel house immediately when I heard and his tears had fogged up his glasses. He fell into my arms and cried for a long time. That's when thing's slowly started to change between Me and Marcel. 

By this point we were 14 year's old,I had stopped hanging around with Marcel at school and we hardly saw each other outside of school either. However,Marcel didn't let it go at all,he non-stop texted me,even pointless texts with one word or a smiley face. People at school,used to laugh at him when they went through my phone. My new best friend was Holly,She was pretty,with long blonde hair that curled neatly over her shoulder. She was very popular,which made me very popular among everyone. There were two other girls in our group, Daisy and Ruby,they were twins,both with brown short hair and skinny figures. Four boys were also in our group,there names being:  Daniel,Charlie,Matt and Twig. Everyone calls him twig,don't ask me why. His real names Tim,but everyone looks at you like you're weird if you call him that,except for teachers. 

Charlie was Holly's boyfriend,they suited eachother perfectly,both being as loud as eachother and as funny. They were a really cute couple and they wouldn't let anyone come between that. Only one of the twins were dating. Ruby,with more freckles than Daisy,was dating Daniel. Daniel was a footballer and they spent time together after school playing football and laughing together. The only two people left were Me and Daisy,but we had told eachother in confidence we weren't looking for a boyfriend at the moment. However,Holly claims to have found Daisy kissing a guy behind the tennis courts,Daisy say's she didn't,she promises,but I wouldn't care if she had. Matt has a crush on me,or so I've been told. He's sweet,with brown locks that just cover the tips of his eyes and a smile that can make your heart melt,but something in me refuses to date him,It's weird,I know. 

Marcel didn't get on with my new friends,at all. They didn't like him,they found him weird and annoying and at some points,he was. It was horrible to watch as they laughed at him,but as much as I wanted to stop it, I couldn't.


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