The Boy With The Name Marcel


2. Chapter 2

The bell rang, indicating that it was now lunch time. I grabbed my backpack off from the floor, and stuffed my math notebook and folder in it. I had homework- Finish the double sided worksheet we started in class. No problem, considering that I already finished one side. 

I walked into the hall, and met up with Kate in front of the cafeteria. We strolled in, and went to our usual table that we used last year. Kate plopped into her chair, and pulled me down by my arm. 

About a minute later, Kyle and Nick walked in. Their other friends were already sitting at a table, so they scanned the room, and Nick's eyes landed on me. Or my open table, at least. He nudged Kyle and pointed towards us. Before we knew it, they were strolling towards Kate and I. 

Nick sat down right next to me, and Kyle sat next to Kate.

"Hey Soph.. did you think about homecoming?" He gave me this kind of side smile, and he looked into my eyes. I immediately became uncomfortable. That damn problem. I realized it doesn't bother me with friends, family, or now that I think about it.. Marcel. He has really nice eyes. They're a piercing green. It goes along with his lips. They look soft.. and really great to kiss. I.. wait. what. Wait what? No. I like Nick. Not Marcel. Right? There's no possible way I could have feelings for my classmate. My friend..? That's all he is. So somebody explain to me why I thought about kissing him? Why am I still thinking about kissing him? 

Wait. Nick! I've been spacing out and completely ignoring him! Oh shit. Ok. Back to reality.

"What? Oh yeah sorry.." I nervous laughed, but continued "Um yeah! Of course I'll go with you!" I smiled at him and Kate squealed 'ohmygawd' it kinda made both me and Nick feel awkward, but he shrugged it off, and put his arm around my shoulders and said a simple "Perfect." 

Kyle started talking to all of us, but I wasn't really paying attention. I mean, I was at first, but then I saw Marcel walk in the room. 

He sat at a small table in a corner, and pulled out money to buy lunch. I watched him walk up to the line, get his food, and pay. 

I looked away for a second, but looked back when I heard a loud crash of a plate on the ground. I looked up to see Marcel covered in Mac and Cheese all over his sweater vest, and Sean Maylow laughing. The bastard must have dumped Marcel's food all over him. Without thinking, I stood up, and charged towards Sean. 

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I spat

"What do you mean? I think it's pretty funny." He looked over at Marcel who was trying to wipe the food off of his chest, and he pushed him over with full force. 

"Are you kidding me?!" I screamed "What the hell did he ever do to you? He did absolutely NOTHING to deserve what you guys do to him. It's not even funny! You think you're some cool badass because you like to make people feel like shit about themselves because you think it's funny? That's pathetic. Sad, really. It shows how weak of a human being you are, and how much you probably hate your life if you have to ruin others so they can feel the same as you. You're a sad excuse of a human."

A shocked expression spread across his face, as well as the whole cafeteria 

"You." he stopped "Are a psycho bitch, who needs to learn what is funny, and who needs to take that stick out of their ass and just laugh. Because in reality, it actually is funny, and I think everyone would have to agree with me on that."

People started clapping. Not for me. For Sean. 

"You're unbelievable." I glared at him, and moved towards Marcel who was still on the floor, staring at me, in shock. I helped him up and told him to come with me. 

I lead him out of the cafeteria. I took him by the hand too, and once we were out of that room, I looked at him 

"Are you okay?" I asked

He just stared at me.

"Yeah.. But I'm just a little in shock. When you told me you'd stand up for me no matter what.. I don't know I didn't think you were serious. I thought you were just talking. I thought you didn't mean it and you just felt sorry for me." He spoke slowly

"Marcel. I told you, I am your friend. I care about you. What Sean did is not okay, and you and I are going to speak to the principle about this. Also, you should call your mom to bring you a new shirt."

"Yeah I will. Uh.. thank you. So, so much." he looked into my eyes, and like I said before, I had no problem staring back. Of course it bothered me a little, but that's because for some reason I get nervous while talking to him. 

When we reached the office, I told the secretary that we needed to talk to the Principle, and she told us to take a seat. I sat down next to Marcel, and he looked at me.

"Sophie can I tell you something?"

"Yeah! Of course!" I turned my head towards him, and he seemed nervous.

"Well. I don't know how to say this, but I think that you're beautiful. You're gorgeous and such a good person at heart. When we stopped talking, I became worse. But you didn't notice. It's okay though. I also just wanted to tell you that I'm really happy you're back in my life. I missed you so much." 

Before I could respond, Principle Morgus came out, and called us into his private office.

"You wanted to speak to me about a bullying problem?" He asked while eyeing Marcel's ruined sweater vest 

"Um, yes sir. There was an incident today at lunch, with Marcel here" I motioned towards him, "And another student. Sean Merriguin. I saw what was going on, but nobody else cared to say anything, so I stood up for my friend."

Dr.Morgus looked at me and mentally analyzed my words. 

"Okay.. Mr. Marcel. Could you please tell me what happened?" He looked at me, "ah, and Ms.Sophie. You can go back to class now. Thank you. I'll take it from here."

"But-" he cut me off 

"No 'buts' back to class." His words were stern, but he had a nice tone. Dr.Morgus is actually a really nice guy if you get to know him. 

As I started to leave, Marcel mouthed 'Thanks again' and smiled at me. His smile. Oh my gosh. I smiled back, and left the room, with the image of his smile stuck, burned into my brain. 

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