The Boy With The Name Marcel



1. Chapter 1

"Sophie. You're going to be late" Mom yelled from downstairs.

"Yeah, mom, I know. I'm coming let me just brush my teeth!" I yelled back.

It was my first day of Sophomore year, at Northview High, and I seriously didn't get why mom was freaking out. I mean yes, being late on your first day is always bad, but we only live 2 minutes away from the school. On the bright side, yesterday was my 16th birthday! I'm one of the oldest kids in my grade so.. yeah. I'm just so excited to see everyone again! Of course, I have some people who aren't my favorite, but then again, I have some people who I don't normally hang out with, that I would like to see again. 

I hopped in the my car with half a bagel in my hand. I gave the other half to my little sister Liv, who is in the 6th grade.

Mom dropped me off at the front door, where I walked in slowly. I took a look at the Freshman, and they all look like they were about to shit themselves. I don't blame them, though. Hell, the seniors beat up the younger kids, and kids in the same grade beat up the "Dorks". It's complete bullshit. There's no need to put someone through such physical and emotional pain like that. 

"Sophie!" I heard from behind me- I turned around to see my best friend Kate running towards me. 

"Hey Kate!" I kind of half smiled. I got up too early to have a good mood. 

"You'll never believe who's back." her eyes widened, and I dared to ask

"um.. who?"

"Marcel. Remember him? The really geeky weird kid nobody likes? How he left in the middle of last year after the bullying got so bad? Yeah, well he's back. I honestly don't know why he would bother. He's still the same. If anything, I think his bullying problem will just get worse." Kate sucked in a breath. I looked to see why she did that, and I saw too. Kyle Callister and the guys were walking towards us. See, they're in our grade, but they are worshiped by every girl in the school. We were all really close friends in elementary, and middle, but then in Freshman year we all kind of drifted apart. They became hot, and we became prettier. 

They reached us, and Kyle started talking 

"Hello girls.. Sophie, Kate. How's your morning going?"

"Pretty good!" Kate responded with this really cheery voice she never uses unless talking to a guy. 

Nick stepped next to me and snaked his arm around my waist

"Hey Sophie.. if you think about it, maybe we can go to homecoming together..?" He asked me

"Ah..hah..haha Um. yeah I'll defiantly. Um. think." I stuttered over my words and nervous laughed. Nick was beyond cute. He had blue eyes, and brown hair. The fact that he was so close to me put me on edge. Plus when he looks at me. 


I have a hard time making eye contact with people. It's always been a problem for me. Especially people with really pretty eyes. He has gorgeous eyes, so I felt like I was under a microscope. Just being watched. Studied. I felt so insecure and uncomfortable, so I kind of fidgeted and looked away. 

The bell rang, which meant I had 2 minutes to get to homeroom before the late bell rang. 


I walked into homeroom, where I saw everyone was at the back of the room, waiting for us to get assigned seats. 

Fantastic. No freedom. 

I made my way to the back of the room where Mr.Gravani was directing his attention

"Alright everyone. I'm going to give you assigned seats so it will be easier"... I stopped listening.

I looked over to the right, and in the back of the group in the corner, was Marcel. I hadn't seen him in months.. And there he was. The same kid I went to Kindergarden through now with. He looked the same but a little older. Like the rest of us, I guess.. but he was still his old self. Same glasses, same clothes, same hair, same persona. He looked strong, but I couldn't tell from the sweater vest he was wearing. He could have potential. 

I really just want to be friends with him. Everyone needs a friend. That's what I was going to do.

I looked up at the Smart-board to see where I was sitting, and I happen to be sitting right next to him at the table in the back left corner of the room. We all took our seats, and it was just him and I at the table together. 

When he sat down next to me, I could tell he was nervous to be sitting next to a girl. I looked over at him and I could tell that he was really uncomfortable. Just awkward, actually. 

"Hey, Marcel!" I flashed him a smile while picking up my backpack from the ground at the same time

"Good morning Sophie" he blushed and looked down. 

"How was your summer? Did you do anything exciting?" I gave him a curious look, and he started to crack a smile

"Nothing really.. Listen, you don't have to talk to me, you know. I don't want you to think that you have to be nice to me just because we sit by each other. I already know you don't care about me." As he said the last part, his smile dropped and he looked down. I was shocked, really. I wanted to shake his shoulders and tell him that I care about him. That I want to be his friend, and that I didn't care what people thought. He didn't deserve any of the bullying he got. 

"Marcel. You have got to be kidding me. I care about you. I truly want to be your friend. I find you funny, interesting, and.. well.. cute.." I blushed and so did he.

"But-" he started to speak

"No buts. I know you Marcel. We used to be so close and then in 7th grade we just stopped talking. I don't know. You seriously don't deserve any of the shit you get, and I promise you I will stand up for you every time." 

I looked into his eyes, and he gave me a look. 

"Well okay.. I'm glad that we're friends again. I missed you Soph. I still do. Every day." his eyes saddened. I put my hand over his.

"Well I missed you too. You don't have to miss me anymore." I would have said more, but Mr.Gravani asked for the room to be silent. 

I'm just happy that Marcel will be back into my life. He's such a great person. The only problem is that Kate, and basically the whole school might not like the idea of Marcel and I becoming friends. 

Hell, I got shit for being friends with him in 6th grade, so I made new ones. Which was horrible of me. I have to admit I missed him too. I just didn't want to tell him that. I don't understand why, but I can't yet. 

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