Royal Blood

What happens when two teenagers find out that they are destined to break a curse?
Words: 1609


2. The Curse

He looks at me to confirm, and I just give a quick nod. We both take a look forward into the wall and we see a giant castle.
"There you are! I thought you would never open the wall to the mirror, I am soo glad you got my message Prince Caspar" It was a middle-aged women no older than 35. She was dressed in a dress that would have been worn a long time ago. Could she see us? "Princess Alexandra, you look stunning. Wait, no time to talk. We have to get you to the queen and king right away." It was only then that I realized that this was addressed to us. 
"We aren't your princess or prince. I'm sorry I think you have us messed up. We are just normal children that live in London. I don't know what year it is there but it sure isn't 2013." I didn't mean for anything to have sounded rude, but this was a lot to take in considering I had just found out I might have been a princess in whatever time period that was.
"Wait, Cara listen to her. She is saying the truth" I don't know why, but as crazy as this was, I believed that Ashton was telling the truth.
"Yes my dear, this is past London. I will tell you the story as I take you to the royal room" Ashton and I both keep a close eye on her as she makes her way across the castle while talking to us. "Listen, your real parent, the king and queen, sent you off to the future to escape the curse that someone had put on us. They now need your help to break the very thing they sent you away from". She arrives in front of a large door, and as it open she states, "Here you are". 

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