Royal Blood

What happens when two teenagers find out that they are destined to break a curse?
Words: 1609


3. Royal Blood

"My dear Alexandra and Caspar, is that you?" There were tears formed in both the king and queens eyes. 
"Yes, it is us." Ashton speaks up. 
Both the king and queen were crying and in that moment was when I believed this was all real. 
"My dear children, it has been so painful not seeing you all these years, but it was for the best" It was the king that spoke this time. Surprisingly, if this was the real story, I wasn't mad at all. I was relieved, I love my parents in the present world here so much, and I would never give them up for anything. "Now we don't want to give to much away because we know that we could never take you away front the life you have there, but you must complete this task. Accomplishing it would benefit both of our worlds, and it is greatly needed. If you are willing to accept, then we will give you exact instructions."
"Yeah! We will do it, anything to save my- I mean our worlds" Ashton says. 
"Wait! Hold on. I need to talk to Asht- I mean Caspar alone" I couldn't break it to them that here we had different, more modern names. 
I grab Caspar and pull him into the next room. 
"What in the world are you doing?" I ask him.
"I'm saving our parents. Both of them" he adds clearly furious at me.
"Well I can't do this" 
"If you won't then I will!"
"Oh, and what was forgotten to mention was if we don't complete this by nightfall, 3 hours then time will be frozen forever!" I stood in shock. The first reason being that time had passed so quickly. The second was at what he had said. The third was, well, the way he said it to me. I had never seen him so tense and fragile. 
"I'm sorry. I want to help. I'm well, um, I'm scared." His expression softened as he pulled me in for an embrace. 
"Fear is nothing but what you imagine it to be. Don't be scared, there is nothing to be afraid of. We are in this together" I smile at him as he says this to me. "Now lets go! We have a task to complete!" I have a really big grin on my face now, it's amazing how he can put me in the best mood at the worst time. 

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