The Broken and The Forgotten

Taylor Parkinson had a best friend once, He was kind, caring, lovable, funny and sweet. She loved being around him, but when he forced himself upon her, her life falls apart. Her boyfriend dumps her, her parents desert her and she leaves all of her friends behind. She leaves she looses all contact with them and moves to London. As she fights to keep her and her daughter, Ashley of the streets will he come back into her life to complete the puzzle? or will he be back for all the wrong reasons?


1. Today

Taylor's POV-
I look around my small apartment, this was all I could afford considering having a young daughter. About 5 years ago I knew this guy, back before I moved to London, he was one of my best friends and then he forced himself onto me. I look at Ashley, she stared back up at me, she was too young to understand the world and it's cruel ways and I have dealt with it, bad. He was 2 years older than me and I was 16, he was a part of a famous boy band and I was going out with one of his band mates, when my boyfriend Louis found out, he kicked me out, he never listened. I turned to the next people I knew, my parents, my parents didn't care, they kicked me out of the house, no money, extra clothes, nothing. I found My and Louis' house keys in my pockets after, I decided to sneak back into the house to get some stuff. I was successful at getting the medium-sized suitcase and putting some clothes, a blanket, cans of food and all of the money I could find. I soon moved to London and started work in a small corner store, as soon as Ashley was born I had to start work within the next 2 days, I was lucky Ashley was allowed to come to work with me. I look down at the small girl next to me, she has changed quite a bit, so have I, but I guess that is what comes with living a tough life. I didn't tell the boys I was pregnant, I only told them that Harry forced himself on me and they didn't believe me, I don't think they know that I was pregnant, they have probably forgotten about me by now, even if they haven't I was never going back to them, not after the life I have had these past 5 years.

Ok guys, So I thought I better clear a few things up with you. No, I do not believe that Harry would do such a thing but lets just say for the sake of the story ok? Thanks <3

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