The Broken and The Forgotten

Taylor Parkinson had a best friend once, He was kind, caring, lovable, funny and sweet. She loved being around him, but when he forced himself upon her, her life falls apart. Her boyfriend dumps her, her parents desert her and she leaves all of her friends behind. She leaves she looses all contact with them and moves to London. As she fights to keep her and her daughter, Ashley of the streets will he come back into her life to complete the puzzle? or will he be back for all the wrong reasons?


5. The Found and The Lost

Ashley’s POV-
I’m finally home, it was a big day today and mummy was right, I did make friends, plenty of them. Nearly all of the kids in Day-care are my friends it was really fun. I sit on the couch and turn on the TV. I don’t really watch the TV but I like having a bit of noise in the house while mum is cleaning the dishes, I just don’t like the sound of them clanking randomly and then the silence in between. I think about today, the new friends I made, what we did. One of the things the girls talked about popped into my head, they had Daddies, I never knew mine, it was always me and mummy, I don’t know why. When they started talking I ran away and locked myself away for about 10 minutes until day-care was over and Mummy came to pick me up, I want to know what my Daddy is up to, who he is, whether he is alive, mummy has never mentioned Daddy and I want to know, I guess I’m going to have to ask her.

Alexander’s POV-
After Ashley left I noticed she forgot her coat and gloves, I betta give them to Daddy Just so he can keep them safe for me, otherwise they might get damaged. I remember how today we talked in the ball pit and we all played football *Soccer* and when we were eating our lunch Stanley started a food fight, our group quickly escaped and we left the others to continue. It was a great day, I wonder what she is doing on the weekend, we got my birthday party on in a week and I really want to invite her, daddy walks through the door ‘Hey dad!’ he turns around and looks at me ‘Hey Alex, how are you’ ‘I’m good, hey I was wondering whether Ashley can come to my party, she’s new’ Dad looks at me ‘Oh ok! Sure she can come, it’d be nice meeting her’ and with that he left, I can’t wait to tell him tomorrow. Normally he would come and talk to me but he needed to clean the house before mummy came home, she would be surprised, it’ll be fun seeing her reaction.
As I arrive at Aunty Em’s I see Ashley sitting on the floor with the others, I take her coat and jumper out of my bag and hand it to her, she thanks me and goes and puts it in her bag, then she comes and sits down and the group is a completed circle. ‘Ashley, would you like to come to my birthday party next week?’ Ashley looks at me, with sad eyes ‘I-I’ve never been to a party before….’ Her voice trails off and there was an awkward silence amongst the group, Jessica looks at Ashley ‘You’ve seriously never been to a party before?’ she nodded, Jessica thought for a minute ‘Do you have a party dress?’ Ashley shook her head ‘So… you want to meet at my place tomorrow afternoon?’ Ashley looked up to face Jessica ‘Ummm…. I don’t know whether I’m allowed, and I don’t want to..’ Jessica interrupted ‘It’s fine, I’m always bringing friends over and I want you to come’ ‘Ok, ok I’ll ask mum this afternoon’ we continued on with our conversation until we decided it was time to run around for a while.

Ashley’s POV-
I was running around when Mum appeared at the door, smiling I ran to her and she embraced me in a hug. ‘Mummy! Mummy! Can I go to Jessica’s tomorrow and can I please go to Alexanders party next week!’ she looked at me ‘Yeah, ok, you are a big girl now and I think you should’. She replied smiling ‘Yay! Thanks mummy!’ I run off to go tell Alexander and Jessica the great news.

Taylor’s POV-
My little girl is growing up, making friends and getting invited over to parties and afternoon activities already, I am happy for her, I remember the friends I had at her age, not many but I still had enough, but I had also started going to my Kindy when I was 3. I watch her run to her friends and telling them, they all cheered and smiled. Soon we found ourselves back at our apartment ‘Mummy! Mummy! I had fun today, we talked about heaps of things, I even made you this!’ she handed me a painting; it was of the both of us, walking through what seemed to be a park or the wall that had a park drawn on it. It looked really good for a 5 year old, she was a beautiful girl and I was so lucky to have her, but having her here sometimes makes me think of what Harry, Louis, the boys and My family are doing, obviously enjoying me being gone.

Louis’ POV-
I sit down with Sophia on my lap, I’m thinking about my life, who I am married to, and who I pictured I would be married to 5 years ago popped into my head. It was racing through my head, why did I kick her out? She cheated on me. Why did I not contact her once I was calm? She had disabled her phone. Why had I not found her? She disappeared of the face of the earth. No one had seen her since that night, the fan’s haven’t even seen her, it kinda makes me worried all the time, what if she had gotten lost and froze to death all those years ago, what if she never survived these  years, no I couldn’t think that, never. She was mine a while ago, she’s probably found someone new, gotten a fantastic job, making a fortune and married by now. She was my everything, but now Eleanor is. I sigh as I think of how mean I was, how stupid, it took me this long to realise what I did wrong and now I don’t even know who, where or how she is. She may not be Taylor Parkinson anymore, she could be Taylor Jones, Smith, French or Fry. I just don’t know, was she the same person, or was she different, was she alive or was she dead, all these unanswered questions unanswered and I wanted to change that.

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