The Broken and The Forgotten

Taylor Parkinson had a best friend once, He was kind, caring, lovable, funny and sweet. She loved being around him, but when he forced himself upon her, her life falls apart. Her boyfriend dumps her, her parents desert her and she leaves all of her friends behind. She leaves she looses all contact with them and moves to London. As she fights to keep her and her daughter, Ashley of the streets will he come back into her life to complete the puzzle? or will he be back for all the wrong reasons?


4. Taylor

Harry's POV-
It's been 5 years since I've seen Taylor, I miss her, I was so stupid. I never found out what happened to her, everything happened then she went to Louis' room about 7 rooms down in the huge Hotel we were staying at. The next morning she was gone, Louis said she just left. I wish she stayed, it was a huge mistake, and Louis didn't want to know me for about half a year, but management said it would be better if we, As I Quote "Kiss and Make-Up" Louis thought it would be funny to do the literal and I ended up getting a smooch on the lips from him. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from doing that to her, I was so stupid, the band is having a 3 month break and I seem to be a loaner, the boys are busy with their wife's today, they all decided that the kids might as well go visit Auntie Em at the kindy she owned, I have no Idea why I call it that, it just seems that 'Kindy' is one of the words I used to tease Taylor about, she would always laugh and I'd end up pegged under Louis with a mouthful of whatever he could find, it would normally be socks or a shirt or something. Yeah, I can say I was a slob back then, I still kinda am but not as much. I've been trying to find Taylor non-stop, I love her, but she was in love with Louis so I kinda got her drunk and forced her and the rest is history, but the thing is, I don't know what the 'History' Is. I don't even know if she's still alive, there has been no trace of her existence in my reach, I know she's out there, but where?

Ashley's POV-
I walk into the big house and there is a group of girls talking to each other, I walk up to them and ask if I can join in. They were talking about who they knew and how their Aunty owned the place, they look nothing alike, are they all seriously related!?? However I didn't question them or whatever, I just kept to the conversation, telling them it's my first day and they decided to introduce me to some boys, I laughed at them making fools of themselves and watched as a baby climbed the stairs, should she be there? I notice the baby starting to wobble and I quickly make a sprint for it, catching the baby on the third step. I've had plenty of practice seems I practically grew up watching people drop things from shelves, it came as a natural reaction. The girls and the group of boys I was playing with sprinted up to me, watching as I rocked the baby back and forth trying to calm her down, I see the other mummies in the shop do it when their baby's cry so I get the point. The baby calms down just as Aunty Em comes rushing up to me "OMG! Is she ok? What happened? Wow Ashley you're good with children!' I couldn't handle all the questions and praise being pushed at me, it was getting to much. I gave the baby to Aunty Em and walked towards the ball pit, that seemed to be the place I went when I was sad, confused or wanted to think at home, I could be alone and I would wind down. I sat down and just curled into a ball, my knees touching my chin, about a minute later a boy comes and sits down next to me, he is sitting like me but he's looking straight forward, out the window 'Uuhh.....thanks....for...umm...saving my cousin back there' he says slowly, he gives me a smile and blushes, I've only seen 3 people blush in my life. A teenager walking with her friends through the store, looking at her feet and walks into a guy. My mum when one of her friends asked her on a date, I still don't know what it is, I guess I'll find out soon and the third this guy with glasses and dark brown eyes and blonde hair, he's kinda....cute? 'Umm, by the way my name's Alexander, the girls told me your name is Ashley, is that correct?' 'yeah, yeah my name's Ashley, is the baby ok?' Alexander looks at the ground 'yeah she's fine, her name's Sophia, hey why did you walk away?' 'C-c- I-I felt nervous' 'Well seems that's over with do you want to come to the table with us?' Alexander looks at me with excitement 'Sure Alex'


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