The Broken and The Forgotten

Taylor Parkinson had a best friend once, He was kind, caring, lovable, funny and sweet. She loved being around him, but when he forced himself upon her, her life falls apart. Her boyfriend dumps her, her parents desert her and she leaves all of her friends behind. She leaves she looses all contact with them and moves to London. As she fights to keep her and her daughter, Ashley of the streets will he come back into her life to complete the puzzle? or will he be back for all the wrong reasons?


6. Dads and Unknown Pasts

Hey guys! I only just realised that the girls name was Taylor and the Movella is about Harry 'n' Louis (But that's not the point) , so to put you in the right line, no this is not Taylor swift and yeah, so enjoy!


Taylor’s POV-
‘It’s time to get up, in the morning, In the morning, Got McDonalds breakfast for you, or any other brand, I opened 2 cupboards just to get it, So you better get up and eat it. You don't wanna be a selfish lazy Ashley. So we gotta get up! Time to get up! Its time to get up!, its time to get uupp, ITS. TIME. TO. GET. UP. It’s time to get up! (Time to get up), ITS TIME TO GET UP!, ITS TIME!, Its time to get up-‘ I wait for a moment, watching Ashley slowly waking up, she hits me with her pillow and lies back down. ‘It’s time to……..’ ‘Shhh!!!!’ she says. ‘Get up, It’s time, doobie doo, waaaaake (get) Uppppppp!’ I look as Ashley sits up ‘Time to get up!’ she sits up and smiles ‘Yay!’ I say. I don’t even think that she knows what the meaning behind that song is. It was the song that the boys used to sing to Harry when they started out their career on the X Factor, then when I moved in with Louis and Harry they used to sing it to Harry then suddenly they started coming in Louis’ and my room singing it along with Harry. It was kind of a tradition, when I left them I thought I would give a piece of them to Ashley, without her knowing who her Dad and family was I thought there was something for her, to know when she got older that I wanted to keep them a part of her life. ‘Mummy’ she called me, yawning. I sit back down on the bed ‘Yes baby?’ ‘I-I was wondering who my daddy is…..’ she looks at the ground and frowns, I knew this day would come, just not this soon. I didn’t want to have to tell her this early on, but here it goes ‘Your daddy is in a band’ she looks at me ‘What band mummy’ I stare into her deep eyes ‘One Direction honey, your biological father, he’s Harry Styles, but I was never with him, your father should have been Louis, Louis Tomlinson’ she looks at me ‘What is Biological mummy?’ her blue eyes exploring me for answers ‘It means he is the one who you are related to’ she looked confused for a second ‘Ok mummy, will I ever meet them?’ ‘I don’t know honey, I don’t know’ I say shaking my head.

Ashley’s POV-
We all sat down and the others decided to talk about their parents, I felt kinda awkward after this morning, I don’t know, it’s just it is allot to take in. I haven’t really been listening. ‘So Ashley, tell us about your dad, we already know about your mum’ I look around, all of them looking at me, this is kinda awkward ‘Ummm.. my biological or the person my mummy was with?’ ‘Biological’ ‘Ummm, he is in a band’ I look around hoping that this was the last I had to talk about it. ‘Ohh, our daddy’s are in a band, except for Tony, Siarah and Joy, their daddy’s sing as individuals’ Mary Stated. 'Umm, my daddy's in a band called One Dire' I get interrupted by a group of kids screaming then Mum calling my name 'See you guys, gotta go, see you in about an hour Jessica' I quickly rush out of the room before they ask any more questions about my dad.

'Mummy hurry up!' 'ok, ok, just wait a minute. So continue, what does Jessica look like?' 'She has brown hair and eyes, she looks like her Daddy' 'So, do I get to meet her dad today?' yes, oh! and she has a twin sister called Mary' (Yeah sorry If I forgot to mention that to you guys earlier, I didn't think I would have to talk about her until later but I might as well tell you since I'm telling mummy) 'Does she have any other siblings?' mum questions me, tilting her head to the side 'There's Tully, Mitch and John!' I scream excitedly 'Whoa, whoa, why so excited?' 'I have friends!' 'Ok, ok... so is this the right address?' 'yep!' a yell, mum presses the bell and I scream 'Jess! We're here!' immediately I hear Jess yelling and laughing and I hear her dad come to the door.

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