Mallory's mother died mysteriously when she was 10 years old. They never found her body. Mallory now lives with her father on the beach. Mallory discovered her mom's ring and wears it all the time but if she gets wet while wearing it she grows a tail and becomes a mermaid! She stays a mermaid until she takes the ring off then she has her legs back again.


1. 1. The Oil Spill

 It's my 14th birthday and it's supposed to be my 'golden year' but instead I am flopping around on the floor! How can it get any worst?
"MALLORY! GET ME A BEER!" my father yelled harshly.
Oh no!  I thought my father was at work! I have to get him his drink! I cant go to school with another black eye, I have no more excuses.

 "Of course father I will be right there." I said calmly


 Now how am I going to get to his room without him seeing my tail? I looked to my right and saw nothing I could use then I looked to my left and saw my skate board I got for my 12th birthday from my best friend, Sally. I flopped over to it and somehow got on it. I skated over to the fridge and got my dad's beer, I opened it for him and started to skate to my dad's room but hit the corner of the wall next to his room.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" My father exclaimed


I panicked to tell him it was fine and that there was nothing to worry about, but nothing came out.

"Ummm... well... It's fine father, I just hit my knee on the corner." I said timidly 

I found it kind of funny considering I have no knee at the moment. He grunted to show he acknowledged me, even though he really didn't. I skated over to the side of the door frame, took the beer, and slid it across the room to his chair, it was perfect!

After that, I quickly skated passed the door to my room. It was just right down the hall. I closed the door but I couldn't reach the tape. I use tape because about a month ago my dad came home drunk and he stormed into my room and beat me till I couldn't stand or see. When he left he slammed the door so hard the handle came out, so now I just use tape to keep the door closed.
I just left it cracked open.

Then I  tried to get my mothers ring off but it was stuck! I needed oil. I skated down the hall and right before I was about to go into the kitchen for the oil I saw my dad! He was in the kitchen! He turned around, about to leave. I quickly hid behind the couch in the living room. My dad slowly made his way to his room then shut and locked the door. I skated out a little from behind the couch to make sure he wasn't going to come out again and then zoomed into the kitchen. First I went to the pan-tree to get a broom then I went to the cabinet that the oil was in and opened it with the broom. I took the broom again and knocked down the oil. It broke and went everywhere! I quickly took some off of the floor and spread it around my finger with the ring on it. I poled as hard as I could. Then the ring quickly slipped off. Suddenly I had legs again!! But I was naked. This has happened to me a few times before.


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