Is my game over

Aley had little sister obsessed with 1D....on the day of her tournament she forgot her little sister was meeting one directon so she came home to a suprise......


4. WTF did i do

 *Aleys P.O.V.*


I layed in bed unable to sleep even though my date wasnt till next week i was still nervous..I couldnt fall asleep until my sister played the song little things even though i didnt like one direction for some reason it sooths me..i was falling asleep then my phone rang 'who would be calling right now??' i thought it was Niall just as i suspected

" is aley ' is niall

"Can i help you" 

'Aley what time is your game tomorrow'


'k ill be there'

"WHAT?! NO! i cant have you there distracting me"

'To late'

he was laughing i wanted to strangle him with that i hung up and fell asleep

*Nialls P.O.V.*


I knew i pissed her off but i wanted to see her i couldnt wait till next friday...i kept running our conversation through my head why would people judge her shes beautiful and kinda sweet...WAIT i knew her thats why she didnt want to talk she knew i didnt recognize me shes in my biology class UUUGGHH im a fucking idiot....I get to see her everyday..."FUCK!!!!" i yelled while i punched the wall thats why she yelled at me...but why did she say yes???

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