Is my game over

Aley had little sister obsessed with 1D....on the day of her tournament she forgot her little sister was meeting one directon so she came home to a suprise......


1. winning athlete if the year

 * Aleys P.O.V*


I had just gotten back from my championship game we won and i also won athlete of the year. Iwas the star pitcher on my softball team...Anyways when i got home i opened the door right when I opened it all eyes were locked on me. "Umm hey.." i said..i was so embarresed i mean One Direction was in my living room and i was in my softball uniform with a red face, messed up hair, and dirt all over me....."Hey" my sister shouted and she gave me the get out look. I looked around and saw niall staring at me "TAKE A PICTURE IT WILL LAST LONGER" i shouted..Niall blushed and looked away.."Aley can i talk to you in private" my sister half shouted.."WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!??" she shouted....i bet the boys heard "what niall was staring at me you know how insecure i am" i mumbled.."what ever just go upstairs to your room" "Bitch you cant tell me what to do" i shouted "im getting ice cream first!!" i said..i stormed out of the room into the kitchen i noticed that all the boys were staring now i just rolled my eyes got the carton and left..*2 hours later* i heard a knock "Come in!!" I shouted. I saw Niall standing there staring at me i shot him a dirty look "Do you have a problem with me??" He asked I ignored him then i said " were just staring at me and im really insecure.." i said softly. "im sorry i shoudn-" "no it was me i just felt like you were staring at me in disgust" i said cutting him off. 

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