Is my game over

Aley had little sister obsessed with 1D....on the day of her tournament she forgot her little sister was meeting one directon so she came home to a suprise......


6. whyyy

*Nialls P.O.V.*


No no no shes to special to lose. I started running and kept running it felt like i was going to pass out but i didnt care. I saw her on a bench in a park she was crying her eyes out. "ALEY!!!" I yelled and started running to her. She saw me and got and ran again. "ALEY!!!!" I yelled while catching my breath.I ran after her but she was to fast and she was used to running.She stopped i guess she needed to cathc her breath then she started running again. I stood there in the rain i felt tears coming but i held them back. NO i will get her.


*Aleys P.OV*


I got inside my house and my sister was sitting on the couch with Zayn. "uhh hey zayn what are you doing here??" i was confused. "im dating your sister didnt she tell you??" he said looking puzzled. "But shes only 18 like me" i said. "well shes so sweet and beautiful" he said smiling. I saw her blush. I ran upto my room showered and layed in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about today.

~~~~~~~Authors note~~~

Aley and her sister Alexis were twins but Aley came out first.


I got a text from Niall but i ignored it i didnt want to talk. He kept calling me and texting me. I finally answered one of his calls 

"what do you want??!!" i shouted

"why are you so mad what did i do" he asked i could tell he was confused.

"someone threw a condom at me and called me slut" i said crying.

"Im coming over" he half shouted

"Wait-" i was cut off he hung up.


I packed a weeks worth of stuff and ran to my best friends house i new i could trust Joshua. I kept knocking on Joshs door till he finally opened it. I explained everything and he said i could stay.


I didnt want to bother him but hes the only one i knew i could trust we had known eachother since we were in diapers. "Aley?? are you ok??" he asked i could see concern in his eyes.


"No Niall thinks he can just try and get me to like him" i mumbled 


"oh" he mumbled i could see sadness in his eyes. Did he like me?? No he couldnt we are best friends that would ruin it. But i couldnt stop thinking he liked me.

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