Is my game over

Aley had little sister obsessed with 1D....on the day of her tournament she forgot her little sister was meeting one directon so she came home to a suprise......


5. Never mind the date

*Aleys P.O.V.*


I woke up showered and did my usual routine but when i got to school everyone was staring at me...WTF i thought then i realized niall told them im gona kill him i sware. He walked up to me "Hello love" he said smiling. "sup" i said. "Thats all i get" he mumbled "Yeah cuz this is the first time you actually notice me!" I half shouted. I stormed away everyone was staring at me whispering and pointing one girl threw a condom at me. "SLUT" she yelled. Niall was the first guy ive been on a date with since middle school. I ran out the school and started crying my eyes out i had it all bottled up it finally came out. Niall walked up "Aley??" he whispered. "Leave me alone dont come to my game tonight!! and the date is off!!" I shouted and ran off in the rain. He ran after me but couldnt catch up i played softball for years i was used to running. "ALEY!!" He shouted i could hear in his voice he was crying but i just ignored him and kept running and running.

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