Is my game over

Aley had little sister obsessed with 1D....on the day of her tournament she forgot her little sister was meeting one directon so she came home to a suprise......


2. Beautiful??

  *Nialls P.O.V*


I stared at her in shock "Why would i do that??" i asked. "beacause everyone does.." she whispered. I could see tears in her eyes she was holding them back. "your beautiful" i said and smiled then she kept holding in her tears "you can cry i wont laugh" i said and looked at her in concern. "I dont cry" She half shouted. "you need to you cant be bottled up" i said reaching for her hand. She pulled back "you should go" she mumbled. With that i walked out anf found the boys waiting for me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Authours note

Sorry theres no cover i couldnt find a good one

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~back to the story

*Aleys P.O.V.*


Beautiful?? i thought to my self. I know im not beautiful he just felt sorry for me...Whatever i need to shower i reek of dirt and sweat.  *30 minutes later*  My phone buzzed    


Niall: Hello love

Aley: Who is this??

Niall: Niall..

Aley: How did you get my number?? 0.0

Niall: your sister

Aley: That bitch

Niall: i wanted to know if you wanted to go out sometime

I read the message and thought 'No aley dont do it he doesnt like you'

Niall: Are you ignoring me??

Aley: no i was just thinking 

Niall: oh so do you want to

Aley: yeah id love to

Niall: K ill pick you up at 7 tomorrow oh and wear something nice

Aley: I cant i have a softball game

Niall: well when are you open

Aley: Next friday

Niall: K i guess i have to wait till then :(

I laughed as the read the message

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