Andreas Life

Andreas messed up, terrible life. Her struggles and her fragilness crumble to pieces.


1. Introduction

( The story cover is what Andrea looks like ) Andrea is going into her second year of high school. Her life is nothing but drama. With boys, Friends, Family, Famous boy bands, and school. What will happen when she finds out secrets about one of her exes. Will she be able to keep it? What will she do when she finds out? She wouldn't consider herself popular, but she is well known in a good way. Everyone likes talking to her, She is pretty, but not the prettiest. She has friends, and she's pretty smart. Maybe she is popular..ish? She lives with her mom, dad, little brother, great-aunt, great-grandmom, and two pets. Her brother is named Jake, and his name is Jake. Her dogs name is mumbles, and her sugar gliders name is Bandit. She doesn't really know who she is. She has way too many sides to her. Sporty, Girly, Depressing, Perky, Just too many. She's in love with the boy band One Direction. This was her first year of high school. She dates three boys. You may think thats too much, but hey. Everyone else has dated 5+, and everyone thinks she can't get anyone and is a complete loner.

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