Just Another Teenage Love Story

I am not living, I am not dead. My name is Veronica Thorne, and I am a reaper.


1. Chapter One!

I  am not living, I am not dead. My name is Veronica Thorne, and I am a reaper. I’m much different than the usual reaper though, I have thoughts; and feelings. Most reapers are empty; they can’t feel. They just suck the energy out of everybody. My parents are like that, which is good I guess. Most 16 year old girls have strict parents. So I guess it’s a plus.

When I was thirteen, my family and I came out of the shadows and decided to live with the humans. Well, I decided. We now live in Michigan; the most boring place apart from the shadows. But, one good thing came out of the move. I met my best friend Marilyn, she’s a reaper. But, like myself, she has thoughts; just not feelings. We’ve practiced the human language together and we’ve got it down. We used to be all “uugghhh bllahhhgg”. Now we can actually say, “Go Away.”

Me and Marilyn aren’t very popular in school. We pretty much stick to ourselves. It’s pretty cool though, being a reaper. We can control how much energy we take. We’re kind of like Vampires; except we don’t suck blood through over-sized teeth and are pale and rude. We do this thing with our mouths and we suck the energy out of them. It’s pretty cool. Plus, we’re like, really strong. But that’s the only plus from being a reaper.

I mean, I’m pretty pale; but that’s because I don’t go out much.

I should go out more.

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