Long time no talk

Annabel and Niall use to e best friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. Promised they never will leave each other. What happens when they run into each other at McDonalds and Niall sees Bella with a 2 year old girl. What will happen when Niall try's to talk? Will bellas boyfriend get in the way? Read to ding out.


1. The past

Annabel's POV 


(3 year old) 

"Momma can we go to Niall's?" I asked my mom. Niall Is my bet friend. My mom and his mom are best friends too. " sure sweeting" she replied. They always talk while me and Niall play. "Hey Ni" I said to Niall. "Hey Bella" he said to me. " wanna sing?" He asked. "Sure" I replied. We always sing together.


(9 year later, both 13 and dating)

 my phone started ringing, so I answered it for it to be my one and only boyfriend Niall. (N=Niall b=Bella) 

b- hey what's up?

n-nothing but were going swimming and wanted to know if you want to come with us. Your mom can come to. So do you? 

B- I would but I'm grounded for sneaking out last night  to go to Ali's. Maybe another time?

N- why do u gotta be a rebel and ruin our time together? Just kiding bye I gotta go love you.

B-love you bye.           


(end of convo)

I hate t lie to him but I'm not grounded, I just don't know how to swim. But good thing that he doesn't ask my mom, because he knows I get in trouble a lot, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT.

( 3 years later,  both 16)


my mom and dad are out of town for the rest of this month and all next month so I'm alone in the house, but Maura, Niall'a mom said he can stay so I'm not all alone, just not the same bed. But recently Niall hasn't been the same, I think something's bothering him. And even tho Maura said not the same bed we have been sleeping in my together. Not sex... Yet. But I think he wants to soon, and if he does then I will. Right now it's 9:00pm so a good time to do it. " Ni come to bed!!" I yelled from my room since he's in the living room. "Ok babe I'll be in, in a sec" he yelled back. He came in and gave me a kiss an the started to deepen it. He started kissing down my neck, he soon found my sweet spot and earned a moan. You probably know what happened next. Yep you guessed it. Sex.


the next morning we went to McDonalds for breakfast, then bowling, then nandos for lunch, then roller skating, the a really nice Italian place for dinner. I wander why he did all this in 1 day. His mum called him and tol him he can't stay the night tonight so after that he said to me "I love you soo much Bella and I will always love you, don't forget that." Then he gave me a really passionate kiss and a huge hug. And left.


the next day I went to his house and asked Maura if I could see him and she said he left. I didn't understand, so I asked her where he went. And she told me he went for the X Factor. I burst out in tears. He didn't even tell me. Maura just hugged me. 

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