Long time no talk

Annabel and Niall use to e best friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. Promised they never will leave each other. What happens when they run into each other at McDonalds and Niall sees Bella with a 2 year old girl. What will happen when Niall try's to talk? Will bellas boyfriend get in the way? Read to ding out.


2. McDonalds

Present time (2 years later, age 18) Bella's POV 


Ugg! I just woke up to my phone ringing. I looked at the caller ID it was My boyfriend Nick. 


B-hey babe what's up?

n-nothing what r u doing?

b-oh nothing just trying not to bitch at u for waking me up. What r u calling for?

n- sorry, but jaz (1 year old daughter thats almost 2)would wake u up any way. I just wanted to say that  can't come over today I got called in to work. U and jazzy should come.

b- we might come over later. Love u. Bye 

n-ok luv u to bye.


Nick new all about Niall. If Jazzimine ever wonders who her dad is, we will tell her it's nick. He's been in her life since I was 5 months pregnant. Niall probably forgot about me, he's dated Demi Lovato, a girl named Hailey Jacson, and a girl named Miley Vanree. He doesn't know about Jazzy and never will. Maura still lives next door. I go over and visit her now and then, but when Nialls there I always bring Jazzy to Nicks house and stay there until he leaves. I head shuffling coming from Jazzys room, so she's probably waking up. I walked into her room to find her sitting up in her big girl toddler bed. It has disney princesses on it. "Hi momma" she said to me. Niall was a mistake, but Jazzy's not. "Hi baby girl. Wanna go to McDonald's and see daddy today?" I  asked my precious baby. "Yeah mommy!! Can we play in the play castle and go to da part and den go to da movies and watch princess movie dat dust came out?!?" She asked in her adorable way of talking. "Sure baby girl. Now lets go take a bath then get ready ok." "Ok momma" then we headed to the bathroom and I ran some water for her. I washed her, then took her out. I wrapped a unicorn towel around her, it has a little hat thing with unicorn ears and a horn. Then I has pockets on the inside. I carried her to her to her room and friend her off then I picked out a cute little Minnie Mouse outfit. It was a red and white polka dot shirt with Minnie Mouse on it,  then a red  skirt. Then I got her little black flats. I dressed her then brushed her hair and French braided it.  Then we went to McDonalds for breakfast. I put Jazz  in her car seat and started to drive. We got there about 20 minuets later. Right now it's 9:30 and there Nick is working. We went to order. I ordered 3 bacon egg and cheese bagels. Then I got some pancakes and sausage. Then we went to the play room where the play castle thingy is. Nick works in that area to. Once we sat down Nick came over and sat down. "Hey babe. Did you hear that Niall's band is in town?" He asked me. "Can we stay with you?" I asked while Jazzy finished and went to play. "Babe, your not gonna be happy at what I'm about to say..." He trailed off. "What? You wanna brake up don't you? Can you at lease tell me what I did f-" I got cut off by nick "babe stop thinking like that. But you know how you gave me that whole very long talk yesterday about how we need to be completely honest with each other no matter what even if we accidentally hurt each other?" He said then I got completely nervous. "Y-y-yeah, w-why-y? I asked him. "I-I-i- umm uhh ok that day that we had-d  th-th-that fight, well I kinda went to the club, and got drunk outa my mind, and h-had sex." By this time we BOTH were in tears. "Is she pregnant?" I asked trying to calm myself for the next words that come out of his mouth. "No. Are you mad at me?" "No. But I just don't know about all of this, everything, me, you, us." I said back to him. "No please don't. I'll do anything. p-p-please?" "Nick. I-I have to-to go." And I just ran out and towards the bathroom. I didn't leave the building, I just need a little time to think and get cleaned up. I walked into the bathroom, and washed my face. Then a walked back out and sat at a little table that nobody was at. I sat there thinking and crying. Then some VERY loud people burst through the doors. It sounded like there were 5. 1 of the voices sound familiar. Oh god. Why him. Why the fuck does it have to be him. I just tried to hide my face, but I couldn't control my sobbing. "What's wrong ma'am?" That thick Irish accent that I use to fall for everyday. "N-nothing" I said trying to hide my voice, but he knew all my fake voices. "B-Bella? Is that you?" He asked. "WHY THE FUCK DOES IT MATTER?!?! I DIDN'T SEEM TO MATTER ENOUGH FOR YOU TO SAY GOODBYE TO!" I yell and ran back to Nick. "Nick give me your keys, h-he-he's here. I need to leave please." I told nick. "Jaz babe come on we're leaving!" I called for her while she was playing. Then Niall came through the doors that separate the main eating area from the playing/eating area. "Bella look, I'm sorry. I didn't want to say goodbye, because... I love you." Niall said. Oohhh wrong move, Nick heard that. I put my arm in front of him and he stopped from attacking Niall. "Jazzmine Nichole get down here now. We're leaving." I said sternly to her. "But momma pwease can I stay word daddy?" She asked. "Come on baby girl we have to go. Daddy's busy. Aren't you daddy?" I asked/said. "No it's fine if she, I mean yes I'm very busy. Sorry baby girl. You have to go with mommy. But tomorrow we can go to the fair if you want." "Yea daddy fank you!" Jaz said. Man she looked so much like Niall in a girl version. Brown hair, blue eyes, nose, chin, everything. The only thing we have in common is we're girls and    

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