Long time no talk

Annabel and Niall use to e best friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. Promised they never will leave each other. What happens when they run into each other at McDonalds and Niall sees Bella with a 2 year old girl. What will happen when Niall try's to talk? Will bellas boyfriend get in the way? Read to ding out.


3. McDonalds part 2

Our personalities. I love her to death. "Bye babe. Love you" I said to him. "Love you to. Come over to my house tonight. Justin can baby sit her ;)." He said. Then me and Jaz left. Niall followed us. "Bella!! Please give me 8 minutes." Niall said but I just kept walking, but he grabbed my wrist and turned me around. "Oww! Niall don't touch my wrist." "You didn't do that did you?" He asked. "IT'S YOU FUC-  FAULT!!" I yelled. When we dated I use to cut. But he stopped my habit by helping me through it. Then he left and I cut. And every time something had happens I still do. And now they hurt. And their fresh. When I went to the bathroom I made 3 new deep cuts. "Please 8 minutes?" He kept begging. By this time we were at the park. "Jaz go play." I told her. "6. I'm timing go." I said watching the clock on my phone. "Who's kid is she?" "Mine."I simply said. "I meant who's the father?" Who asked again (convo n-Niall b- Bella)


b- nick

N- I used to fucking date you, I knew you your whole life, I know when your lying. WHO'S THE FUCK I HER FATHER?!?

b- y-y- you *insert crying here*

n- why didn't you tell me?

b- you left I tried calling it rang but nobody answered. Accept a girl named Hailey. She said I was a slut and told me to fuck off. I texted u didn't reply and I was blocked on twitter. I asked your mom if you changed you phone number and she said no. 

N-I'm sorry. Can I at least be in her life?


then I ran and got Jaz. We went back to McDonalds. When I entered. I saw something I didn't want to. Nick eating a girls face of. Wait I know that slut from anywhere! That's TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT!   

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