Hard To Love

Taylor mets five boys that are bound to change her life after her best friend leaves her a a concert one night.Only it may get her into more trouble than her good-girl personality could of. What will she do when she becomes a a badass killer? Will she even reconize herself?


1. Meeting Them

The frozen curb seeped through my jeans, making my legs even more numb. When the wind blew, chills would race down my spine making me shiver like crazy. Tears sat, frozen, at the edges of my eyes. I dialed Lacy's number again on my neon green iPhone. I let the phone ring until i heard her voice message, then i hung up . It was probally too late for her anyways. Lacy was always in bed by eleven.

Even though i was pissed at Sheela, I stil decided to call her anyways. Hopefully she wasn't too busy with the people she ditched me for, to answer her phone. I heard her voicemail come up,"Hey!Its Sheela! I'll get back to you A.S.A.P! Love ya!"

I couldn't hold it in any longer. I hung up the phone, throwing in the grass next to me. I buried my face into my knees, sobbing uncontrolably. 

Great, getting left by your best friend is one thing, but getting left at an empty stadium at  four in the morning is another.

I was to busy crying in my lap to hear anybody to walk up behind me.

"You ok?", the deep masculine voice asked while tapping me on the shoulder.

I jumpwed around to face him, while wiping my eyes. I looked behind the curly haired boy who tapped me on the shoulder and saw four other boys standing behind him, all with hoodies on and their hoods up. To be honest, i was quite frightened.

"Umm, I'm fine,"I stutered while standing up.

"You must be freezing," Curly said while unzipping his jacket. I was only wearing a yellow Areopostal t-shirt with black skinny jeans.





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