Hard To Love

Taylor mets five boys that are bound to change her life after her best friend leaves her a a concert one night.Only it may get her into more trouble than her good-girl personality could of. What will she do when she becomes a a badass killer? Will she even reconize herself?


8. Eplination

Harry's Pov

 I felt terrible for what we had done and what is happening to Taylor. I really really like her. I just hope i haven't blown it with her yet.

 I walked into the bedroom. I heard silent sobbing coming from over between the wall and the bed.I walked over and saw Taylor sobbing into her knees.  Her wavy light brown hair clung to her face.Tears stained her cheeks. Her ocean blue eyes stared into mine. She was scared. 

  She pushed herself as far as she could into the corner, scrunching into a tiny whimpering ball.

"P-P-Please don't h--h-hurt me.''

I knelt down beside her, pushing her hair out of her face. i lifted her chin, so her gaze met mine.

  "Now why would i hurt you?"

She shrugged her shoulders and turned away from me. I pulled her into a hug. She was tense at first, then she eventually relaxed.

  "Why", she whispered into my chest.

  "Well, you friend, Sheela, her boyfriend, Chad, he owed us some money.So we were gonna hold someone ransom for the money. We were gonna take Sheela, but then you came along."

  I didn't tell her how we threatened her friends and family if they tried to come after her.

  "Then i thought it would make Chad more pissed if we made you one of us. So, when you went to get dressed i told the lads the idea. Everyone but Zayn agreed. That's when you showed up."

  She pulled her head up and looked deep into my eyes.

  "Just promise me, that you wont let anything happen to me."

She trusted me, and i wasn't gonna let her down.

  "I promise."

I leaned my head in and placed my lips atop hers. They were sweet like vanilla  but also tasted of salt from all her tears. We held the kiss for  a few moments before i pulled away.

  "I have to go talk to the boys,"I said before leaving her in the corner,"I'll be back."



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