Love Me {A Liam Payne Fanfiction}

"Liam you can't be here, it's the girl's dorm." I gasped as I saw his figure come closer to my bed.
"Shhhhh, love" He soothed. I didn't want to listen, I wanted him out, but for some reason, I felt as if I needed him to stay.
"Liam why-"
"Shhhh it's okay." He slowly slipped into my bed, and came up close to me. I felt his bulge through his boxers, on my left leg.
"You can't be here." I said, trying to keep myself from wanting him, though as he kissed my forehead, it made it impossible to say no.
"You know you want me to stay," He mumbled, as he embraced me into his arms.

*Keep in note that this is while One Direction is together, this fan fiction is a bit mature, but nothing too bad, enjoy!*


2. Time to Get Up!

Chloe's Point of View

(August 16th, Friday, 2013)

"Chloe, we gotta get up now." mumbled my best friend, Lisa. We were both off to college today, and we had to leave extra early. As you can see, we both are not morning people. 

"Ughh, let's just be late." I grumbled, slamming the pillow down onto my head. I felt disgusting, I needed a shower, but I just wanted some more sleep. I was drifting off again, but of course Lisa stopped me.

Lisa yanked the blankets off of my body, leaving me shivering, and cranky. "What was that for?" I asked, as I barely sat up. I rubbed my eyes, and looked over to my alarm and saw that it was only 5:45. That's way to early for me to be waking up. It's still technically summer, right?  Lisa hopped off of the bed, nearly falling because of how tired she was, and she mumbled walking to the closet, "Well, we gotta get dressed, then we'll say bye to the folks. So lets go Chlo." She stumbled into the closet, and right as she did that, I thought of how late we stayed up until. I remember going to bed at about 1:00am because of Lisa's obsession with "One Direction". Gosh, they're so fake it hurts. 

After stretching out my tired body, I lazily stood and walked into my bathroom. I took one glance in the mirror, and of course, I regretted it. Unlike Lisa, I was ugly. Lisa has the perfect long blonde hair, although she was not someone to be called a 'dumb blonde'. She's anything but a dumb blonde to be exact. She has piercing green eyes as well, that sparkle perfectly. Wow, I must sound like I'm obsessed with her, with how I'm describing her. I mean, she is perfect, but I do probably sound weird.

But that's how you'd describe me.. Weird. I'm nothing like Lisa. I have long dirty blonde hair, that goes halfway down my back. My face is boring and I have blue eyes, though to me, they look grey and dull. I hate it.

But, if I had to choose one thing about me that I liked, it would be my independence. Ever since my older brother died, my parents have been depressed. He died two years ago in a motorcycle accident. He was with his girlfriend on the bike, and he smashed right into a huge truck. We loved him, he was the most understanding older brother in the world. I will always love him, he means so much to me and my parents. I mean, my parents are doing pretty well, for having lost their 'perfect child,' but they clearly miss him. Sometimes I feel like they'd rather me be the one that died a few years back, but I never say anything. I'm a little more quiet. So that's where my independence comes in. Even Lisa loved my brother. So you know, every time he's brought up, I'm usually just forgotten about, so being independent is all I got mostly. My parents didn't even help me apply OR pay for college. They did for Matthew though(Matthew was my brother's name). He died a few weeks before college started, so it was a real bummer. He had so much going for him in life. He wanted to be a doctor, though he could also have done anything else in the world. Now he's just.. Gone.

"Are you going to get ready Chlo? Or are you just going to stand there, looking at your beautiful face in the mirror?" Lisa questioned, as she plugged in her straightener. 

"I don't think I'm the beautiful one." I said, as I stepped out of her way, and into my closet. She then yelled back, "Yeah right, now go get ready!" I loved her, she was practically my older sister sometimes, even though she's only a few months older than me.

I grabbed some clothes from my suitcase(since it was all packed up), and I put it out on my bed. I yelled to Lisa, "I need the bathroom soon! I gotta shower!" I turned around and saw her unplugging her straightener. She walked out a few seconds later, wearing cute highwaisted shorts, with a nice flowery, flowing top. And the top that off, her blonde hair was straightened perfectly, and she had the perfect makeup to go with it.

"Go shower babe, when you come out, I'm doing your hair and makeup. Oh and I love your outfit choice for today!" I chuckled, knowing that I knew she'd like what I was going to wear. I planned to wear some nice ripped Hollister shorts, with a Lace sleeveless knit shirt, from Delia's. The shirt was a nice shade of pink, which was also Lisa's favorite. 

I turned the shower on and hopped in, as soon as it became warm. I scrubbed my body, shampooed and conditioned my hair, then started washing my face. The shower was starting to really wake me up, and I began singing random tunes, as I finished up. I turned the shower off, and came out to find my towel. I cuddled into my towel, to stay warm. I opened the door to the bathroom, to see Lisa on my bed.

"I'm going to get dressed, and stuff, see you in a bit!" I exclaimed, grabbing my clothes from the chair by the vanity set. Before I could leave, Lisa stopped me. 

"You have two missed calls babe. They're both from... You know who." My stomach dropped, and I showed no emotion on my face. I thought I blocked his number. I was pretty much lost for words.

"Just tell him, I switched numbers or something." I said, as she gave me a reassuring look, "Don't worry Chloe, I've got this, it's not like you'll ever have to see him again. Now go get dressed, before we're late! I nodded, half smiling. I closed the bathroom door slowly, and got dressed. I really hoped 'he' would just leave me alone. I didn't want him anymore.

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