Love Me {A Liam Payne Fanfiction}

"Liam you can't be here, it's the girl's dorm." I gasped as I saw his figure come closer to my bed.
"Shhhhh, love" He soothed. I didn't want to listen, I wanted him out, but for some reason, I felt as if I needed him to stay.
"Liam why-"
"Shhhh it's okay." He slowly slipped into my bed, and came up close to me. I felt his bulge through his boxers, on my left leg.
"You can't be here." I said, trying to keep myself from wanting him, though as he kissed my forehead, it made it impossible to say no.
"You know you want me to stay," He mumbled, as he embraced me into his arms.

*Keep in note that this is while One Direction is together, this fan fiction is a bit mature, but nothing too bad, enjoy!*


9. I Only Want You.

Chloe's Point of View

Okay, the only reason I was fine with going to lunch was to meet the lads, I told myself over and over. This wasn't because of Liam. 

"Okay, Harry said to meet here, he should be on his way." said Lisa, and she checked the time. I was scrolling through iFunny, to keep me occupied while we waited. We've been waiting here for almost ten minutes, and they haven't shown.

"Maybe he showed me up?" She asked slowly, as she pulled her phone out. She looked really sad, "No Lis, there's no way anyone could stand you up. You're perfect, and if he hasn't realized that then-"

I was cut off by a screaming Harry I think it was? He was running with the lads, and panting loudly as he said, "I'm sorry we're late, we overslept! Forgive me?" He said, panting, with the boys all behind him. I glanced up at them all, and found Liam, the furthest from me. He caught my glance, and he simply just smirked at me. I looked back down, regretting even glancing up at him. Lisa and I stood at the same time from the bench, and I shook hands with all of them, and when Liam came up to me, he hugged me, tightly. 

He whispered, "Sit with me at lunch?"

I scoffed, pulling away, "You probably don't even remember my name." He kept ahold of my waist, and I just allowed it. I was tired of fighting.

"I thought you'd push away." He whispered in my ear, as we followed everyone to a place to eat. I had no idea where we were going, but Liam wouldn't let go of me. And his touch, sent shivers through me. It was weird. And I had to admit, I kinda liked it.

But no, I can't let him in. I can't be easygoing with this. Thats exact what I did before, yet he cheated. Maybe he won't like me, after being around Lisa. He'll probably just like her. No problem for me!

"Are you even listening?" He whispered. I was lost for words.

"I, err uhh, yes?" I stuttered, making it completely obvious that I was lying.

"I don't like it when people don't listen to me." He began, pulling me closer, with force. I just looked down at my converse, while he kept whispering in my ear.

"You should stop by my dorm later, we could hang out and stuff..." He started. I finally found a way to respond to him.

"Why so I can be your toy? I'm sorry but no.. I- I have plans." I stated simply. He spun me so our faces were only about an inch away. "You're mine. You know that?" As right as this feels, I just can't. We can't.

"Liam, no."

"Why not?" He questioned, as he tucked a strand of hair away from my face.

"It's just.." My throat was becoming tight and I couldn't speak. It's almost as if I shouldn't be fighting this. Maybe he does care.

No! He doesn't! He can have anybody..

"Chlo, answer my question, you know I don't like it when you don't listen."

"Dammit Liam, you could have anybody you want, but just not me." I replied quickly. His facial expression changed and soften just a bit.

"But.. But I want you." He pleaded, trying to play nice with me.

"Liam no. Last night you were being a perv, now you're acting nice, just to get on my good side." I'm not stupid like he thinks.

"I was drunk love."

"Then how do you know you actually like me?" I questioned, as I began walking away, and towards the rest of the group. He followed quickly, getting to exactly where I was.

"I may have been drunk last night, but I do remember you saying I could at least try to impress you, am I right?" Oh, yeah, I remember! That was when I was flirting with you! Yeah, I uh kinda regret that! I thought to myself. 

"Yes.." I whispered, not able to look him in the eyes. Damn, he would do anything just for one chance.

"Well you're not giving me a chance now are you?" He smirked, grabbing ahold of my waist again. I nodded slowly, and we arrived at the resteraunt. He held the door for all of us, but when I walked in last, he slapped my bum as he followed closely behind.

I turned around, giving him a dirty look. He just smirked. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all. Maybe I should give him a good chance. But he does have to try, I couldn't make this easy for him. He has to win my love.


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