Love Me {A Liam Payne Fanfiction}

"Liam you can't be here, it's the girl's dorm." I gasped as I saw his figure come closer to my bed.
"Shhhhh, love" He soothed. I didn't want to listen, I wanted him out, but for some reason, I felt as if I needed him to stay.
"Liam why-"
"Shhhh it's okay." He slowly slipped into my bed, and came up close to me. I felt his bulge through his boxers, on my left leg.
"You can't be here." I said, trying to keep myself from wanting him, though as he kissed my forehead, it made it impossible to say no.
"You know you want me to stay," He mumbled, as he embraced me into his arms.

*Keep in note that this is while One Direction is together, this fan fiction is a bit mature, but nothing too bad, enjoy!*


4. Figuring it All Out

Chloe's Point of View

"The college is beautiful." I gasped, as we carried our luggage into our dorm. Lisa chuckled and closed our door. Even the dorms were perfect. I didn't think a college could look so nice.

"So, I have the perfect outfits for us to wear tonight!" Lisa squealed, as we began unpacking. I started to listen, until the one question ran through my mind. What's happening tonight?

"Lisa what's going on tonight?" I interrupted, and she turned around looking surprised. She looked at me as if I had one thousand heads.

"The party? Hell-o Chlo! The back-to-school party is tonight! It will be our first college party! Oh! And since one direction might go to this college this year, they might be there-"

"What?! Slow down! You never told me any of this! The party, and why on earth would one direction be here?!" I was close to hyperventilating. This was becoming a joke, she had to be kidding. I don't like one direction. She's going to be all over them, and once they 'fall in love with her', I will be dragged behind, pretending I like these fake idiots.

Lisa sat on my bed next to me. "Okay look I'm sorry, I didn't tell you because I knew you wouldn't wanna go. But girl, this is one freaking direction! It means so much to me! I have to meet Niall, and Zayn, and Liam, and Louis, and ohmygod Harry!!" She smiled as she said all their names. 

"Please can we go! Pretty please!!" She started to beg, so I thought there was really no point, since she'd go on forever.

"Yes, we'll go. Just let me unpack. Okay?" I answered, as I threw around some of my other clothes. She squealed and jumped over to her area of the dorm. I chuckled as I began packing again.

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