Come and get it

Jamie is going on tour with the snobby jerk Justin Bieber but she soon finds out that he isnt what she always he was


10. The next day (:

Jamies POV:

I woke up in his arms and immediately blushed. I cant believe he asked if i wanted to be his girlfriend, you have no idea how bad i wanted to say yes, but im scared his fans wont except me, ive seen the hate they gave selena, i cant even imagine what i would do if they said the nasty things to me. I stood up and immediately justin got up.

Justin: Come back im still tired. he whined

Me: Then go back to sleep

Justin: I Cant if your not with me

Me: i smiled. You can sleep perfectly fine without me

Justin: Fine if you dont sleep with me then you have to put up with my whiney butt all day. We both laughed

Me:Justin? i sat down on the bed.

Justin: Yeah?

Me: The real reason why i said no is because, ive seen what you fans have said to Selena... and i dont want that to happen to me, nobody deserves that to be said to them.

Justin: My fans will love you... trust me. 

Me: Do you really think so? 

Justin: Yeah. he pecked my cheeks with his plump lips. I blushed. So are we together now? 

Me: Yes i smiled.

A/N: Sorry that i havent posted in forever! And sorry for the crapish chapter lol. I will try my best to update on a regular basis! Stay beautiful <3 

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