Come and get it

Jamie is going on tour with the snobby jerk Justin Bieber but she soon finds out that he isnt what she always he was


7. Sooo...

Jamies POV: 

I was wondering where we are going cuz weve been in the car for a good 10 minutes.

Me:So where are we going?

Justin:Well i want to get to know you better so i thought i could by taking you out to lunch he smiled

Me:That sounds great i smiled remebering what he said about me. Stop it jamie! remember how he used selena! You cant like him i thought, Selena was one of my friends and after he used her she was a wreck but now she is with Cody Simpson and they are the cutest couple ever! 

We pulled up to Panera Bread yay i love it!

Me:Oh my god i love Panera Bread i shreiked

Justin:Me too

We got out and walked in and sat in a corner so fans and paps coulnt see us.

Th waiter handed me our menus i already new what i wanted a ham and cheese baked sandwich.

Me:So what are you getting?

Justin:Ham and cheese baked sandwich

Me:Are you seirious? Im getting that i love it!

Justin:Really usually girls always order salads and stuff like that.

Me:Well im not like all the other girls i smiled

Justin:No you arent

Me:Whats that supposed to mean?

Justin:He blushed Nothing just that i like it that you arent afraid to be yourself.

Me:Aww Thanks i smiled Selena was so wrong about you, your really sweet i smiled again

Justin:Thanks i guess he blushed

Me:Oh not to embarass you but i heard your phone conversation i giggled

Justin:Your laugh is so cute he poked my nose 

Me:i giggled again Is it true what you said?


Me:Well i think i like you too i blushed

Justin:I know its hard to resist this he said sarcastically 

I giggled again.

Justin:So would you like to go on a date? 

The waiter set the food down in front of me.

Me:Well we could watch movies tonight i dont want you to spend money on me. 

Justin: I dont mind but last night was fun so yeah he smiled we ate our food and walked out,i started walking torwards the car.

Justin:Where are you going?

Me:To the car?

Justin:Were walking to the park! he smiled


he intertwined his fingers with mine whiich mad butterflies in my stomach,ive never felt that with any of my boyfriends.


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