Come and get it

Jamie is going on tour with the snobby jerk Justin Bieber but she soon finds out that he isnt what she always he was


8. Oh. No.

Jamies POV:

It was about 5 minutes of silence.


Justin:So what? he gave me a questioningly look.

Me:Well it was just so quiet

Justin:Im Just thinking.

Me:About what? 

Justin:You will find out soon


We got to the park and saw alot of couples and kids playing. Me and Justin were talking then a girl started walking up to us.

The girl:Hey Justy she smiled real big. Justin stood up.

justin:Hey Nico- 

He was cut off Nicole started to kiss him, tears formed in my eyes, i got up and ran away, about 15 minutes of running my legs start to hurt so i sat behind a big oak tree pulled my knees up to my chest and cried in them for what seemed forever my phone started to vibrate it was a unknown number so i awncered it *Hello? i said trying to sound like im wasnt crying Jamie? the voice asked i immediately recognized the voice it was justin i hung up wondering how he got my number. My phone kept vibrating so i turned it off. After a little bit i started to hear justin calling my name he was right by the tree i stood up real fast he heard me and turned and looked at me and whispered Jamie. I knew how to keep him away.

Me: Oh my god its justin bieber! I yelled on the top of my lungs, immediately a cloud of screaming girls surrounded him, he started to shove past them so i ran into the direction of his house. After about an hour of running i finally got to his house i ran in the door annd scooter,kenny, and pattie were sitting in the living room talking they looked at me.

Pattie,Kenny,Scooter:Whats wrong they said in unison. I Ran upstairs and locked the door ignoring them, they all started knocking on my door but after 10 minutes they left, i heard justins car pull up i walked over to my window and looked out it he ran into the house, i put my ear on the door.

Justin:Is Jamie hear? 

Scooter:Yeah she ran upstairs locked her door and wont awncer it, What happened?

Justin:I dont want to talk about it. 

He ran upstairs and started banging on the door after about 30 minutes of him banging on the door i opened it immediately hugged me, i pushed him off he walked in my room and closed the door.

Justin:Please let me explain.

Me:Explain what that you say you like me then start making out with someone right infront of me i spat

Justin:She kissed me i was trying to get her off, then you ran away, so i started to follow and when i couldnt see you i called you awncered but then hung up, so i kept calling but you turned off your phone then i found you but then my fans started surrounding me.

I hugged him.

Me:Im sorry, i should of listened to you. i looked down avoiding eye contact with him. 

He put his finger under my chin and picked my head up so i was making eye contact.

Justin:No im sorry. 

He started leaning in i took a step back and went to my bed and started crying. he came up to me and sat me on his lap so i was crying into his chest he was whispering in my ear saying its ok.

Me:Im sorry my ex nick cheated on me for 2 months and i dont want it happening again.

Justin:I will never ever do that to you. ever. he paused. I know we havent known eachother long but i feel like ive know you forever i really like you. he pasued. Will you be my girlfriend? 

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