Come and get it

Jamie is going on tour with the snobby jerk Justin Bieber but she soon finds out that he isnt what she always he was


4. Landing.

1 hour later-

Jamies POV:

We boarded the jet and omg it was so big and awesome! *Pilot: Please take your seats and buckle up* I sat down reclined the seat, i took my iphone out of my pocket and put my ear plugs in and fell asleep. 

Scooter:Jamie! he poked me.


Scooter:We just landed you slept the whole time. 

A guy started to grab all my bags for me.

Me:Its ok i got them?

The man:No i got them, My name is kenny and im your body guard,think of me as your second dad or brother were all family now. 

He hugged me i hugged back.

Me: Thanks i smiled

We got off and immediately paparazzi cameras were flashing in my face.

Paparazzi:Are you excited about going on tour with the one and only Justin Bieber?

Me: i guess 

More paparazzi were closing in on me.

Kenny:Back up! he pushed them off Back up! he commanded once again they backed up but were still flashing there cameras. I followed scooter to a taxi kenny was in the back puttin all of my bags in the trunk, he jumoed in and the driver drove off. About 15 minutes of me and kenny talking we pulled up to this ginormous house. 

Me:Wow! i muttered

Kenny: i know right

Kennny and scooter were grabbing my bags.

Scooter: Go ahead, Pattie will show you to your room, We start tour in 2 weeks.

Me: Ok, and thanks.

I walked up and knocked on the door, a lady awncered

The lady: Hey im pattie she hugged me, oh my gosh your so pretty! 

Me: Aww thanks i blushed Im jamie, and your very pretty too!

Pattie: Come on she motioned me to follow her so i did we started walking up the ginormous staircase.

Pattie:Your room is the first one on the right and across from your room is justins room, he is probably sleeping she laughed

Me:Ok, thanks i smiled

She smiled warmy.

Pattie:Oh your welcome you need anything just holler!, and by the way i went shoppig for you and the closet is full of clothes the other closet is full of shoes and in your bathroom closet there is make up and face washes shampoos and,etc. she walked downstairs. 

I walked into the room it was huge! with a huge bed it was purple and blue and had paris decorations all over, on the bed there was silk sheets with a purple comforter and a ton of little pillows above the bed was a huge window with big drapes i looked in all the closets, she wasnt kidding they were all full of stuff i sat on my bed and took my iphone out and checked my twitter. Scooter and Kenny walked in and put my bags on the floor. 

Kenny: you like?

Me: i love! its so awesome

Scooter: Well i got to go see ya later kiddo, come on kenny

Me:Bye kenny, bye scooter

They left. I went into my closet and got a pair of jean short-shorts and a loose shirt that shown my stomache that had the canada flag on it grabbed red toms, awent into the bathroom and took a shower i got out blew dryed my long blonde hair and straightened it, i put on mascara and a little bit of eyeliner on. Someone knocked on my door, i walked out of the bathroom got my iphone and put it in my pocket i opened it, and it was justin.

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