Together *Sequel to You and I*

**Sequel To You and I**
Katie, Harry and Darcy are now living in their own house. Darcy is Five. Zoe and Louis have a five year old boy named Joshua, and another baby on the way. All the boys left for tour, So it was just Darcy and Katie at home. Same with Zoe. While the boys are on tour, something Big happens. Read to find out.


10. Yes!!!

"I know that look! What are you keeping from me?"

Harry asked as he followed me into our room. I smiled.

    "Harry I told you. I want it to be a surprise!"

    "What do you want to be a surprise?"

    "Harry!" I threw a pillow at him. Suddenly I was tackled onto the bed.

    "You cant keep secrets from me!" He laughed. He started tickling me.

    "Harry! Stop!" I laughed. Suddenly I realized the situation.

    "Careful!" I yelled trying not to laugh. He suddenly stopped tickling me.

    "Katie? Are you okay?" He looked worried.

    "Yes! I'm fine, I'm just. My god Harry! I think I'm pregnant! Cant surprise you!"

    "Really?! Wait what do you mean you think?" He asked.

    "I'm not sure. I am just a couple of days late. I just think. And I was going to wait. In case I'm not." I say. He hugs me.

    "10 bucks says you are." He jokes.

    "I'm not placing any bets on a baby!" I laughed.

    "Fine." He kisses my forehead. Darcy runs in the room and sits on Harrys lap.

Look at us. A happy family. God I really hope I'm pregnant.

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